How to Enjoy Your Holiday Meals and Eat Healthy Too!

Holiday Seasons Eat Healthy & Thrive!!

The Holidays are a time of great joy and celebration.  We get together with family and friends and give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives.  We get a chance to spend time with loved ones, break bread together, and just enjoy the day.  We also get a chance to pig out, and eat ourselves silly!

While we all want to enjoy the day, our families and the food prepared with such love, we also want to use wisdom during our feast and throughout the holiday season.  Here are a few small tips to think about as we enjoy our Thanksgiving and the holiday celebrations to come!

  • Try fixing your plate using smaller portions - you will find that if you fix your plate using smaller portions and also actually eat your food instead of inhaling it, you will actually get fuller that much sooner.  You can go back and eat more a little later.   Studies show that if you eat smaller portions of food throughout the day instead of huge portions two -three times a day, your metabolism will kick into high gear and burn through the calories much more quickly.  Yes, you can loose weight if you eat smaller potions throughout the day.
  • Do you really need that extra dab of  butter? - We lover our butter.  That creamy sweet/salty taste always seems to add that extra "taste good" . But did you know one tablespoon of butter is 100 calories and 112 grams of fat?  Plus when you think about all the butter that has already been used to prepare the dish you getting ready to devour, do you really want to add those additional calories? Something to think about...
  • More Vegetables, Less Starch - We love our starches. -  They are comfort food.  But it can be just as great increasing our vegetables and taking it easy on the starches.  While starches are comfort food initially, they can also be a cause of discomfort when you get on that scale.  Get creative with the vegetable dishes you serve. Try these ideas for some great vegetable recipes!
  • Watch the Sugar - Desserts are probably the highlight of our Holiday Season!  We all love the cakes, candies, special desserts that are only made during the Holidays.  It's okay to have treat ourselves but lets not go overboard.  The reality is that sugar is one of the worse things we can eat.  It zaps the nutrients for the body, give us a false sense of energy then puts our bodies into a downward spiral and we crash, it adds so many calories, causes tooth decay - the list is endless.  There are many sugar substitutes that you can use when preparing your desserts.  If you find yourself craving sweets during the Holidays but still want to cut down on dessert sweets - remember to keep a bowl of fruit around.  During your Holiday entertaining always remember to add that bowl of fruit. Arrange it attractively, you will be surprised how many people will eat fruit and how that will decrease their craving for some of the other desserts that they should leave behind. Click here to find out more about sugar substitutions you can use for baking.

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