How to Get A Quick Boost Of Energy - Without Caffeine!

We are always looking for ways to increase our energy as we go throughout our hectic day.  Here are a few tips that actually work!  I have tried them all and they actually helped me feel more energized when I needed the pick me up feeling!

  • Practice Extreme Craziness - Really! Sometimes the best thing to do is just act crazy! Break into song at home, put on some music turn it up loud and have a ball dancing through your house or apartment, go play in the park, go skating, skip around the block ...get active and enjoy it!
  • Wear Red - I remember back in the 80's wearing a red jacket was considered to be a power color. If you were a women climbing the corporate ladder in the 80's the red jacket was your "power" statement. Well as it turns out the color red is and energizing color.  Studies have shown that the color red can increase your strength by 30%.  Try wearing red when you work out next time! Wear a pair of red earrings, a red scarf, red bracelet etc... Feel the energy!
  • Cold Water -  Splash your face with cold water first thing in the morning.  It is invigorating - and better than any energy drink loaded with caffeine.
  • Aromas - Take a quick whiff of energy boasting oils.  Try putting two drops of the pure essential oils lemon and basil on a cotton ball and inhale deeply.  You can also try two drops of the pure essential oil peppermint  on a cotton ball and inhale deeply.  In both cases you will feel a sudden boost of energy.
  • The Best Energizer Ever, H2O - Drinking water is essential to maintaining your energy level.  Our bodies are 70% water, and we need to replace the water on a daily basis. If we don't drink enough water we get dehydrated which leads to fatigue.  There are different schools of thought regarding how many glasses of water you should drink. Bottom line is your body will tell you when you need to drink more water. 
  • Laughter - To get the endorphins going have a good laugh!  Watch a funny movie, go see a funny play, read a humorous book, and decrease those stress related hormones.  Stress drains us of our energy.  Laughter energizes us!
  • Rub Your Ears - Stimulate the pressure points on your ears and get your blood circulating.  Rub the lobes of your ears vigorously and you will begin to feel energized.
  • Sleep in the Dark - Sleeping in a completely dark room with no light or sound is the best way to get a complete rest.  When you have no light or sound coming in to your bedroom, it increases you melatonin.  Melatonin is the hormone our body secretes to help us have a relaxing and restful sleep. 
  • Breathe- Take  a few deep cleansing breathes Try it  right now.   If you are taking a deep cleansing breath right now you are releasing the carbon dioxide that builds up in your body.  The build up of carbon dioxide  makes you feel lethargic and sleepy.  After taking a few deep breaths you will begin to feel refreshed and re-energized.
  • Sit up Straight - Many of us have the tendency to sit hunched over or perhaps sitting in a comfortable slouch.  While this may feel comfortable , it is also the reason why you may feel so tired all the time.  Not sitting straight and using good posture will cause less blood oxygen to flow to your brain, which causes that tired feeling.  Sitting up straight will automatically increase the flow of oxygen and you will start to feel more energy and less tired!