Anti-Inflamatory Issues - Try these Holistic Tips

I can't tell you how many times I have heard over the last 6 months about people my age and younger having issues with swollen joints, the beginning signs of arthritis, and other aches and pains.  You know these pains start sometimes in a very subtle way and many times we ignore them.  Next thing you know we are sitting in a Doctor's office getting another prescription to pop some pills for the pain.  Now I am not anti - AMA or MD.  The medical professionals perform a much needed and valued service. But ...if there was away that we could reduce the need for taking pain medication be doing things to prevent the pain in the first place wouldn't that be a more preferred approach?   If we could start doing things with our diet that will help prevent the swelling of joints, arthritis and other joint pain our lives would be a lot different.

Here are a few suggestions to help with the Inflammatory Symptoms. 

  • Salmon, cold water fish, sardines and tuna are loaded with Omega 3.  Omega 3 is essential for all of us.  It helps us maintain a healthy heart, helps to enhance brain function, reducs risk of heart disease,as well as colon, breast and prostrate cancer
  • For those of you who love beef - eating beef that is grass feed contains more Omega 3 than beef that is grain feed.  Most beef that is grass fed may be a little tougher but it all depends on how you prepare the beef.  Grass fed beef is great for stew, and also for slow cooked pot roast. 
  • Use Olive Oil whenever possible.  Olive oil has oleic acid which lowers blood sugar.  If your blood sugar is under control the incidence of inflammatory symptoms is reduced significantly. Olive oil is great for salads, or just a bit on steam vegetables.  Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best Olive Oil to use because of its enhanced medicinal qualities.
  • Eating the Rainbow...a must.  Eating fruits and vegetables that are the color of the rainbow have proven to be a real deterrent when it comes to  inflammation, cardio vascular health, and maintaining good antioxidant levels. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale,Brussel Sprouts are all excellent in reducing the symptoms that come from  inflammation as well as inflammation itself. 
  • Go nuts - almonds specifically are rich in Omega 3 and mono-saturated fats.  Studies show if you eat about 28 almonds a day you are on your way to being heart healthy and having less inflammation issues. 
  • Cherries - drinking cherry juice is excellent for inflammatory symptoms. Science is showing that cherries can improve the overall quality of our life.  They reduce inflammation, and are excellent antioxidants. 
  • Spice it up - garlic, turmeric, flax seed, ginger, curry, chili pepper - use these in some of your dishes and they will really spice up your life in a healthy way!
This is just a short list there are many other foods that can help with inflammation.   The main goal should be to start incorporating some of these foods into you everyday diet.  With consistency you will begin to feel better and even more importantly your body will love you for it!


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  1. Thanks for these great tips! They'll be helpful as I try to alleviate some of my aches and pains :)

  2. Lynnis, great info. I loved reading the Blog Post. We all need to eat healthier, I think.


  3. This post is for me. I've had and have issue with my right knee. I will begin to incorporate these foods into my lifestyle.
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