Blessed through PraiseWorks and Our Journey to Wellness Programs

My name is Victoria Moore and I want to share with you my experience with "Our Journey to Wellness Coaching Program"

I have been blessed by many of you and my FB friends who have encouraged, prayed with and ministered to me personally. Thank you!! Many of you I have connected with in creative ways as well as I partner with Lynnis of PraiseWorks in both it's ministry and business!

I feel humbled to have been allowed the opportunity to share with you Lynnis' great vision to empower each of us concerning our health and to motivate us to live better lives! It is my hope to continue to partner with PraiseWorks in order that I may live to see many of my loved ones healed of all kinds of diseases by the help of the Lord. His help comes to us in many forms not withstanding holistic aids which PraiseWorks uses and promotes. We understand the importance of traditional medicine and advices everyone to seek medical advice before starting any kind of change in exercise or diet! My passion is fueled by the wanting to see each of you live long and prosper this is why I am asking you if you have not started on a journey to wellness for your mind, body and spirit, please take steps today.

If you do not know quite where to begin allow Lynnis of PraiseWorks to help you achieve total wellness of your mind body and spirit. I came to a conclusion over a year ago now that I needed to shed the 210 pounds I was carrying, for my health. Lynnis has been there for me every step of the way. Truly a Godsend. With her coaching expertise and advice I have lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off now for over a year. I still have to lose about 20 more to go, but with the help and support I have been given, I will attain it and maintain it for my life!

Call Lynnis today for a "one to one" assessment today to get you started on your journey! You will have support every step while on your way to total wellness for your mind, body and spirit through the "Our Journey to Wellness Coaching " program.

Call today, do it for yourself and for your life!





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