Diet Myths Busted:Food Fact Not Nutrition Fiction

My name is Ann A. Rosenstein and I am a certified fitness expert and author of fitness and nutrition books from a publisher that specializes in health and wellness. I am so happy to be able to contribute to the PraiseWorks Health and Wellness Blog.  My latest book is Diet Myths Busted; Food Facts Not Nutrition Fiction. I also have a website with a synopsis of my books at  My latest book and my website debunk the fads, myths and misinformation about fitness and nutrition that is perpetuated by the media.  There are many myths, fads, bad habits disguised as healthy and false beliefs that hinder our ability to stay focused on our new lifestyle changes.
Many myths, fads, bad habits and false beliefs are:
        Taking diet pills
        Believing a fad diet will cure everything without us making changes in our activity or eating      
        Taking pills that absorb fat
        Avoiding good wholesome foods because of misinformation
        Eating raw sugar and avoiding white sugar
        Drink 100% fruit juice because they are  full of antioxidants
        Starving oneself
There are many more such false beliefs addressed in my book.  When we rely on the latest fad diet or diet pills that promise quick results without any effort on our part, we are staying in denial about what the real problem is. The real problem is poor dietary habits such as poor food choices, too many calories and not enough activity. Relying on pills and gimmicks doesn’t teach us to make lifestyle changes and it doesn’t teach us to reevaluate our bad habits that put us at risk in the first place.  Taking pills that claim to absorb body fat tricks us into believing we can indulge in nutritionally deficient calorie rich foods because we are “protected” by the pill. Not only do we again not learn to change a bad behavior, we are encouraged to embrace it!  Avoiding wholesome foods like olive oil, real nut oils, avocadoes, meat and eggs because we think they are sources of fats means we are denying our bodies important amino acids and other nutrients.  These foods provide the body with whole sources of protein, carbs and fats.  
Eating raw sugar is the same as eating white sugar. Raw sugar is just crystallized sugar that is colored brown to look “earthy” as opposed to white sugar that appears refined. In reality, both are refined and lack nutrition.  We think we can drink lots of 100% fruit juice instead of soda or other sugar drinks because they are full of antioxidants.  Fruit juices become sugar in our bodies just like sugar water and if we have high levels already, it can cause problems.
A better and more economical choice is to eat the fruit raw. That way we get the benefit of the fruit along with fiber.  The fiber helps to slow the absorption of the fruit’s sugar.  When we starve our bodies in an effort to lose weight we cause damage to our muscular system. When we are starving, our bodies lock up any stored fat and will cannibalize muscle tissue for food. Muscle is easier to break down for nutrition than stored fat.  This will cause our metabolism to slow down.  Muscle burns calories and fat stores calories. When we starve our bodies, we deplete our calorie burning muscle and horde our calorie storing fat. Once we start to eat normally again, our depleted muscle can’t burn the additional influx of calories and we gain even more weight in the form or stored fat. 
To be successful on a “diet” we must understand that we need to adopt a lifestyle change of eating whole, unprocessed foods in the appropriate amount for our activity levels. We need to increase and maintain an activity level that will build calorie burning muscle.  If we have time and money to waste on fads, diets, gimmicks and false promises, we have time and money to invest in ourselves in the form of a personal trainer, gym membership and the services of a qualified nutritionist.  A healthy LIFESTYLE, not temporary quick fix is the best health care system we can give ourselves and our families.  Please feel free to drop me a comment or question on my website! I look forward to hearing from you!
 Ann A. Rosenstein