How Praise Dance Has Enhanced My Emotional Health

I was born to dance.  At least that is what my parents told me because I basically danced right out of the womb. I was wriggling so much the Doctor almost dropped me ....or so the story goes.  My parents decided at the age of 4 that it was time for me to really learn how to dance and put me in a tap class that my Aunt taught.  That began an over 50 year experience in dance.

How can someone be dancing for over 50 years?  Well there are many answers to that question but simply put as I grew up, I also grew in my knowledge of dance.   I first started in tap, it was fun and lots of energy was used - my parents were glad about that.  By the age of 10 I was enrolled in ballet and still take ballet to this day.  By the age of 16 I was introduced to modern and jazz and by the age of 18 Afro-Caribbean Dance.  By the age of 21 I had learned Cabaret style dancing and other forms of dance that I performed in "Las Vegas Style" shows.  By the age of 28 I began to choreograph. By the time I became a wife and mother at the age of 31 I moved to another style of dance - Praise Dance.

Many people aren't sure what Praise Dance is.  When I tell people I am a Praise Dancer I get very interesting responses.  Mostly "Oh, that's nice...what is that?"  So here is my simplistic definition: Praise Dance is movement in any form that is honoring and praising God.  

Unlike any form of dance I have done, Praise Dance has really helped me connect with my inner spirit.  It has helped me to release negative energy and at the same time has added to  my ability to  praise God no matter what is going on in my everyday life.  As I grew older I found that I still wanted to dance but I also wanted to make sure that I was doing a form of dance that would not injure me.  Praise Dance has allowed me to use my inner spirit and my connection with God in such a way that I am able to convey to those who watch through my movement what a wonderful experience it is to be able to praise the Creator.

Praise Dance allowed me to release all of my joy, hurt, anxiety and fear through movement.  I have always chosen very moving and inspirational music because it helped me to express some of the joy and pain I have experienced in life. Praise Dance has allowed my body to move in a way that honors the Creator, my spirit within, and my body.  It is healing emotionally and it keeps my body in shape.

I can tell you from my own experience that Praise WORKS.  It is through Praise Dance that I have re-discovered myself .  It is through Praise Dance that my spirit has been rejuvenated and set free. Praise Dance has become my motivator to stay healthy enough to continue to move in this way. 

You don't have to be a trained dancer Praise Dance.  I have taught many women who have never danced before how to move in such a way that they are releasing their fears, their toxic thinking, and their joy.  Praise Dance is wonderful therapy for any woman of any age!

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