7 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism - Burn Those Calories

 Any kind of movement always gets your metabolism going!

If you are at all like me you are always looking for ways to increase your metabolism and burn those calories. Below are some tips I use that do work and will help you not only maintain your metabolism but help you to move toward total health and wellness for your mind, body and spirit.

  • Build Muscle - I have found that lifting weights and doing strength training does help to build calories . I use 5 pound weights and do a combination of exercises that really help me to burn calories. Any kind of resistance training will help to increase your metabolism ...plus you start getting firm lines and that always looks great!
  • Get to Moving - Many studies have shown the value of movement when it comes to increasing your metabolism. If you really want to have boost your metabolism go for a high intensity exercise ie aerobics, kick boxing, cycling, walking/running etc.  When you are involved in high intensity sports  your metabolism will not only increase but stay at an increased state longer than it would normally
  • Increase Your Water - There are so many reasons why it is important to drink water. Metabolism is yet another reason to increase your water intake. Water is craved by the body and it increases or metabolism.  It is a great idea to drink a glass of water before you eat so that your metabolism will already be working before you eat (is that the reason why they give you water first at restaurants? (just sayin ...) If you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day you will burn more calories. Allowing yourself to get dehydrated will slow down your metabolism. 
  • Eat More -  eating more often while watching the calories will increase your metabolism. A small meal every three to four hours will increase your metabolism. Remember it is all about portion control. If you love pasta fine eat it BUT be careful about how much you eat. 
  • Spicy Burn - Using chilli pepper, red pepper flakes and other spicy seasonings can increase your metabolism. The effect might be small at first but it does add up over time.
  • Protein Passion - Adding more protein to your diet will increase your metabolism.  Make sure you you watch the calories on high protein foods, stick with lean meats, rice and beans ( watch your portions), nuts, eggs, low fat dairy, turkey and the white meat of chicken.
  • Green Tea - One of the best ways to increase metabolism is drinking green tea and oolong tea. There are also many other medicinal benefits such as boosting your immune system.  Studies show that you can increase your calories by  17%.  Add moderate exercise and you will burn  those calories.

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