Reduce Your Stress - Let Go and Let God

 Let go and let is critical to your health and wellness

Many times the stress we feel during the course of our day has much to do with trying to will things to happen.  You know what I mean, you want to get something done and you run into obstacles and you just keep pushing it through even if it is causing you stress and maybe even physical discomfort - stomach aches, head aches, joint pain, heart palpitations etc.

I have found that when stress starts to impact you emotionally and physically, it is time to evaluate what is really going on.   You have done everything you can to accomplish a goal, solve a problem, impact a change, and you are still not getting the results you desire. Perhaps it is time to fall back on a tried and true solution to lessen the impacts of stress, worry and anxiety. Perhaps it is time to fall back on patience and trust. 

Seems like such a simple solution but actually arriving to the "time to be patient and trust" station is not always an easy destination.  Many times we just have to keep pushing because doing nothings seems....counter productive.  We tell ourselves that we are responsible for the outcome and because we are responsible we HAVE to make this work. 

Well I am here to tell you that is not always the case.  Many times God is telling us that we need to stop, let go, and trust him to carry the rest of the load.  "Waiting on God's timing is neither passive nor idle--it takes discipline and commitment" says Rev. Charles Stanley. 

So while you are in the process of waiting for God to move and accomplish what you could not, how do you stay patient and not get frustrated?    

Below are Dr. Charles Stanley's thoughts on what it takes to wait on God's timing.  
 .Faith. The Lord's ways and timing are nothing like ours (Isa. 55:8-9). From a human standpoint, He usually does things in a totally different way than we expect. But as we trust Him more, we'll discover that His approach isn't so strange after all. And when we live in harmony with God's will, His timing starts to make sense.
Humility. To wait for the Lord, you must be convinced of your need for Him. Submission to His divine will requires humility--you cannot charge ahead with your own plans and at the same time be fully surrendered to God.
Patience. Are you willing to remain in your current position until you receive clear divine direction? Pausing for clarity from God does not mean that you disengage and allow circumstances to fall apart around you. Waiting upon the Lord is a deliberate decision that requires patience.
Courage. Waiting for God often takes courage, especially when there is pressure to act. If you're not careful, you might stop listening to the Lord and follow other advice. So keep your ear attuned to the voice of Almighty God, and you won t go wrong.
 Waiting upon the Lord is one of the wisest, most important decisions we make in life. And contrary to popular assumptions, it is an active endeavor that requires faith, humility, patience, and courage. When you rely upon God and wait for His timing, the various facets of life fall into place.

I have found that using these four components while waiting on God has added another dimension to my life. While I don't always get it right, I am striving to increase my faith, humility, patience and courage.  At the end of the day all we can do is the best that we can do and we need to turn whatever didn't work out over to God.  When you approach life's challenges in this way the impacts of stress begin to leave you. You begin to feel lighter and experience the feeling of internal joy and peace regardless of how crazy things may look on the outside.


  1. Powerful Lynnis!
    As always right on point. It is wonderful the way you capture every aspect of Health & Wellness. If we cannot "Let Go & Let God" then we will be in the way of His greatest plans for our lives. Getting in the way causes undo stress. The more we decrease the More He increases. The more He increases the Greater...and Higher the ride. Thank you for sharing such wisdom!


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