Movement Matters

Movement indicates life. Movement safeguards life. Movement promulgates life. Movement gives purpose to life- yes, beauty. It is the flowing lines of the sculptor's work that spell success. It is the flowing movement of the musical score that transforms mere notes to true song. It is love being and love doing. Yes, it is love loving. Otherwise it is concept, not reality. It is the believer worshipping--otherwise it is empty religion, with all spiritual creativity lost, and if not found in time, destroyed. Movement is the flow of divine life. So the trees would say to you, "speak." And the lake would say to you, "be still." Be still in communion in the company of others so that you may enjoy the lesson of the lake in mutual fellowship. And then MOVE. Find the channel of creativity within your soul. Movement --yes beauty!

Movement is a key component towards total wellness for your mind, body and spirit, whether you are moving your physical body, the thoughts of your mind towards positive affirmations or your spiritual being for the wellfare of your soul. Movement matters......for more information on how you can MOVE toward better health and a more fulfilling lifestyle that fosters total wellness for your mind, body and spirit, go to

Total wellness for the mind, body, and spirit.