How to Get a Good Start On Your Journey To Health and Wellness

I ran across list of things you should do to begin your journey to wellness. After giving it some thought I came up with my own list of things one should do to begin that important journey to wellness.  The list is not in order of importance and is only a partial list.  There are so many things involved in making the lifestyle change to live in a more healthy way.  These suggestions are a good start for the journey to wellness for your mind, body and spirit.
·         Time to start speaking well of yourself. -I have found when I spend part of my day affirming all the positive things in my life, positive things about myself, and positive things that I expect about my future, I begin to feel better. Stop letting yourself feed into speaking negatively about ANYTHING.  Change your words to reflect love, healing, wellness and optimism. It is amazing how it will change you life for the better and impact you journey to wellness in a positive way.  
·         Dry Brush. Buy a good stiff body brush and dry brush every few days. Start at your toes and brush upward toward the heart with long sweeping movements. Dry brushing is believed to get your lymphatic system going. I actually really enjoy dry brushing. It makes me feel alive and my skin is always softer afterward.
·         Check your levels - Have a full physical and have your Doctor check your Vitamin D levels and your vitamin G level. It is important to make sure that you have good levels of vitamin D especially D3. Vitamin D3 helps your immune system and Vitamin D in general is a must for bone density health.  Vitamin B and more specifically Vitamin B12 is very important in terms of reducing the impact that stress has on your body.
·         Get a Juicer and Blender - I love my juicer and blender. Since I have started drinking green smoothies and drinks I am much more energized and my overall strength has increased. One of my favorites is to blend spinach, berries, almond milk, flaxseed, and mild. It is an awesome way to start the day and really delicious!
·         Minimize Your Meat and Dairy - There has been plenty of evidence of what meat and dairy can do to your over all wellness. There are so many hormones and additives in dairy product that it does impede you ability to approach total wellness.   If you just feel you need to have meat in your diet eat only the highest quality - organic, grass-fed,  and free range.
·         Surround Yourself With Like Minds  - It is so important when making a lifestyle change and beginning that journey to wellness that you surround yourself with like minds. I have bet so many people in the online community that have been invaluable when it comes to support and inspiration as I began my journey to wellness.  People from all over the world have encouraged me and provided me with wonderful resources to aide my journey.  
·         More Raw Fruits and Vegetables - You can never have enough raw fruits and veggies in your diet.  They radiate with energy, and when you go a few days eating raw, you will see what I am talking about! Raw food is full of valuable enzymes we must have to approach total wellness
·         Spend Quiet Time - Getting centered spiritually and getting more in tune with your body is so important when beginning your journey to wellness. Your body is truly in tune with your mind and spirit. If anything is off, then you area not totally well. Spend quiet time in the beginning of your day or perhaps at the end of your day in prayer, reading scripture, or meditating on an affirmation or quote that will bring you peace and enlightenment.
·         Just Move - It is obvious why movement is important to approaching wellness. But, what I want to emphasize that any movement is better than none at all. If it has been a long time since you have exercised, start out simple. Perhaps walking up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator, maybe walking as part of your lunch break rather than sitting through the whole break, or incorporating a brisk walk in the evening after dinner. The main goal is to start moving. Your body will love it and it will move you that much more quickly down the road to total wellness for your mind, body and spirit.

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