De Stress The Mess - Starting Your Day

I have found that how you start your day many times will determine how the rest of  your day will go. It took me awhile to establish what I wanted to do to start the day in a positive way.

When my four daughters were very young I found that the only time I had to myself was the early morning. I began to crave those couple of hours during the day before they rose to just be quite with my cup of tea or coffee and reflect abo9ut  Overtime I began to add journaling. I would write about what happened  the day before, talk about my frustrations and sometimes anger about what was going on with raising 4 very young children. I would write about my husband , my career that was on hold, how tired I was, how insecure I felt about my abilities as a mom...anything that came to mind.  After a few months of getting up early in the morning and spending those hours basically venting I decided I need to at least prepare myself for a positive day by actually DOING something positive to start my day.

As it turns out the Creator led me to a wonderful group of ladies who met every morning at 5:00am to pray for each other and their loved ones. It was such a positive way to start the day. Afterwards I would feel so positive and energized that I decided to add movement to my early morning routine.  Sometimes it would be an early morning brisk walk, eventually I added Yoga.  A few years later I added meditation; always choosing a scripture or affirmation on which to meditate.

Over the years as the girls grew up they begin to move out, go away to school and get their own places. What an adjustment that was for me. My main reason to look forward to the quite mornings had gone. But what stayed was my need to be quiet, connect with God and to honor my body with some kind of movement. Since I now had spare bedrooms I also realized that I could turn one of these rooms into a prayer room...and so I did.  

For the last six years I have had a prayer room. What a blessing and wonderful way to start the day! On the prayer line with phenomenal women (it has been 15 years now since I have been on a prayer line of women)surrounded with positive images, books, memorabilia and pictures that are significant to me. Every time I walk into my prayer room I am revitalized and reminded at how good life is!

 An example of a prayer room

Truly starting my day in this way makes a huge difference. I can always tell when I don't.  Here is my early morning regime

  • Drink of  water and lemon or lime - at least 8 ounces before my feet hit the floor (gets the metabolism going) 
  • Prayer and Meditation for about 30 minutes
  • Yoga for 10 minutes (sun salutation) 
  • Gratitude Journaling for 10 minutes 
  • Tasks for the day 
Now I know my start of the day may seem complicated but it took me quite some time to work up to this pattern. It takes time, be patient with yourself and don't get frustrated. If you can just spend 15 minutes a day with yourself in silence, prayer and meditation that is a start.  The rest will come when you are ready.  Ease into making the start of your day the best part of your day!
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