10 Ways to Get Motivated and Inspired for 2014!

 My wish for you ...enjoy the journey! Get motivated and inspired!

Over the years I have tried just about everything to keep myself motivated and inspired. Building the business of my dreams hasn't always been easy. There have been times when I have been beside myself with frustration, negativity and a lack of motivation.  As the years have gone by I have landed on 10 ways for me to get back on track full of inspiration, motivation,energy and ultimately health and wellness.

These tips have worked for me...hopefully they will work for you too!

Get Grateful - I write in my gratitude journal every day. Why? Because I need to remind myself that I have much for which to be grateful.  Sometimes when the well seems dry of "grateful" sentiments I go back to the basics. You know what I mean, grateful for the water, the sunshine, the air ...that kind of thing.  Though it might sound simplistic, I have found that gratitude journaling and making a list of things I am grateful for removes that cloud of negativity. It causes me to really think and quite often inspires me to continue on the journey much more grateful than when I started.

Smile, Silly - Sometimes I need to just do something that is "simply silly". I watch a funny movie, play with my Grandson, read jokes on line, watch a funny YouTube video. It is amazing what a good belly laugh can do for your disposition. Not only does it get the endorphins going, it can change your outlook on life.

Day Dream - Stop and think about your dreams.  Visualize what brings you joy, what gives you hope, what motivates you.  Then share it with a friend.  Ask them to be your "dream keeper" and whenever you need a bit of motivation call your "dream keeper" to remind you of your dreams and the fact that all things are possible if you truly have faith and believe in God's ability to move your closer to your dreams.

Wonder Walk - There is noting like stopping what you are doing in a middle of a "pity party whoa is me" conversation with yourself.  Just get up and take a walk.   Start looking at the things around you that you normally don't notice.  Nature, the birds, the sky, the trees, all of God's wondrous creations. May sound dorky but it works. Many times I have had to just stop what I wasn't  doing (after all I wasn't motivated - right?) and get outside and look at the beauty that God has created. It never fails to give me a sense of wonder, inspiration and ultimately motivation.

Sing Song - Everyone has a song.  A special song that as soon as you hear it you feel better. It puts a smile on your face, hep in your step, and a feeling of joyfulness.  Music is powerful. It can truly alter your mood, energize and inspire you.  Go ahead and sing your song! I'm singing mine right now....what's your song?

Fun Frivolous Fun - You may not be feeling it but go ahead and do something fun anyway. Do something you have never tried before.  Ballroom dancing, roller skating, take a language class..etc  It is amazing how doing something new, fun, and a bit frivolous can really wake up that part of your brain that might have been dormant. Before you know it you start feeling more motivated in other areas of your life. It is contagious!

Let Loose - When you are feeling depressed, unmotivated and uninspired start stretching.  Your body needs some movement and stretching will release endorphins immediately, which of course help you to feel better. Loosen up and get flexible.No doubt your inspiration and motivation will return, perhaps bit more flexible and resilient than before!

Isolate Isolation - If you have been spending time with just yourself, isolated, over thinking everything, wondering why things aren't working, obsessing over what isn't right....STOP IT!  Start doing your normal daILy activities like working around the house, and other tasks that take you out of yourself. Get out and spend some time with friends and family. Stop isolating yourself  and do something active that requires engagement!

Push Past -  Stop the "all or nothing thinking".  Many times life is not black and white. There is some gray in life...that middle of the road area that we sometimes visit.  In the past I slipped into "all or nothing" thinking.  I told myself destructive things like "I never have any good ideas" "I never get inspired" "I never get good results" and so on.  Bottom line...that is a bunch of  negative thinking lies.  Be careful of  those words like never, always, nothing, everything, everybody, nobody, everywhere, anywhere etc.  Instead reality test and ask yourself  "Is this really true?"and push past the black and white "all or nothing thinking"

Absolute Acceptance - Sometimes it is what it is and you just don't have it in you to get inspired and motivated.  That's okay. Allow yourself to feel how you are feeling, accept it...for now.  You will get your mojo back. Your just taking a break and doing the things I listed above!

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