DeStress The Mess In 21 Days - Minimize The Impact of Stress on Your Body, Maximize The Joy In Your Life

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Stress is the one of the top causes of chronic disease and health problems.  There have been many books written on how to combat stress.  Many of these books have great tips to help you organize your life, prioritize your to do list, improve your time management skills, learn how to say "no" and so on.  While these are useful tips and many of them can help reduces stress, what do you do if you are going through a stressful period in your life.   What if, your are just in the stressed zone for a bit.  I am convinced that no matter how organized we are, no matter how well we manage our time and learn to say "no" we will still have stress.  What we need to ask is, how can I protect my body from the rigors of stress? How to I minimize the impact that stress causes on my health?

I have a written a book "DeStress The Mess- Minimizing The Impact of Stress on Your Life, Maximize The Joy in Your Life".  The book is a wonderful collaboration of tips, tools and techniques written by experts in mind, body, spirit wellness and stress, Dr, Kathy Gruver, Dr. Cammi Balleck, Amie Hoff, and Elizabeth Manuel, Rhonda Jones,and Lorraine Miller.  I began thinking why not take these wonderful tips, tools and techniques to create a challenge  that would help you get jump started on a journey to "DeStress The Mess" and start claiming all the good in your life the God has in store for you in 2014!.

"DeStress The Mess In 21 Days" takes you on a 21 day journey to get you on the right track in fortifying your body against stress.

During this 21 day challenge you will learn:
  • stress reduction breathing 
  • kinds of foods to eat during stressful times
  • stress reduction exercises
  • herbs, vitamins and nutrients that will help you reduce the impact of stress 
  • daily affirmations and scripture that will get you through stressful times 
AND many more holistic ways to reduce stress...
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  1. Pretty much the only thing you can do is what that acquaintance of mine did. Accept that your body is talking to you. Stop trying to control everything, start listening to what your body is actually saying and pay attention to your simple, everyday life.

    Ilchi Lee Books

  2. That is true but you can also take steps to protect your body and spirit from stress by making sure you are taking a holistic approach to keep stress from damaging your health.


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