Are You Grateful? Here Are 8 Reasons Why Your Should Be!

The essence of gratefulness shows up in our everyday lives.  Gratefulness rewards us when we least expect it.  So does ungratefulness! The law of reaping and sowing goes both ways.  How then do we maintain an attitude of gratitude as it has been coined, when we get hit hard with life’s issues? 

Grateful?  For What?  Yes, I have asked that a few times in the last few weeks myself, then suddenly I am reminded of the many things that have come my way quite unexpectedly.  The person who was sent just in time, the money that came when I was 0, or the healing I got for my loved ones.

Grateful? For What? The reasons success is relevant in my life…the definition of what I call success that is. When I feel less than successful whatever that means to me; is when I feel less than grateful! Yeah, direct correlation! Funny isn’t it?  Sowing and reaping works together as gratefulness activates the tangibles in my life and yours.  It’s all how we perceive it.  I have chosen to lose nothing by being grateful.  In doing so I can only gain! 

8 Key Reasons Gratefulness Can Improve Your Wellness 
  • Gratitude can help with relationship wellness - expressing your appreciation and happiness for your significant other can really get those happy hormones going.  Gratitude help increase your feeling of overall wellness.
  •  Gratitude can help your relax - when feeling stressed and overwhelmed focus on those things you are grateful for and you will begin to get a sense of well being and also feel more relaxed. 
  • Gratitude can improve your memory - exercise your brain and strengthen your memory muscle by thinking about the thing you have been grateful for over the years. 
  • Gratitude can increase your heart health - indirectly by improving your mood and helping you think more about fitness and eating healthy therefore improving your overall heart health. 
  • Gratitude can improve your sleep - being grateful can relax you and therefore help you to get a better nights sleep

Lisa Ryan, Gratitude Expert Talk about How Gratitude Can Lead to Success

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