Favorite "Anti-AgingTips" - Day #63 On My Journey To Wellness

"Some people are old at 18and some are young at 90.  Time is a concept that humans created" Yoko Ono

Not too long ago I turned 57 years young!  It is hard to believe that I have actually been on this earth for 57 years and that I am 3 years from 60. Where has the time gone? 

Many people have asked me how have I managed to stay looking so young.  I think that is funny because in my minds eye, I don't feel I look that young.  But I do know that I feel great, and have endless energy. Perhaps it is my attitude and approach to life that makes me "look" young. I don't know ...you can be the judge (but not to harshly - lol)

Here are the tips I have used especially over the last few years (see it is never too late!)
  • Take a Trip - Visualization has become a part of my daily routine.  Not just day dreaming but actually visualizing myself as healthy, vital, and whole.  I always visualize myself working out, eating the freshest of foods, relaxing near a quiet stream, and taking a moonlight walk.  I basically visualize the wellness I seek for my life.  Sound crazy?  Well, studies have shown that visualizing how you want your life to be is the first step towards achieving the goals for your life.  For me I think it has helped me to actually look younger...since I am about 35 in all of my visualizations. JUST KIDDING!   Seriously taking time to visualize has given me a better wellness perspective, it has made me conscious of the need to live a life that nourishes the mind, body, spirit connection. A healthy mind, body spirit connection is one of the best ways to slow down the aging process.
  •  Just...flow - I have finally learned how to totally relax without guilt.  There was a time when I would not allow myself to even think about taking out time to just be quiet.  I have learned to use belly breathing to relax and to help me focus on just the breathing and nothing else.  I am learning to appreciate silence, in fact I love silence.  I listen for sounds of nature and other sounds that I otherwise miss.  I dismiss any thoughts that get in the way and do not serve my intent  - which is to RELAX.  I focus on words that nourish my spirit and affirm my soul.   I focus on words like abundance, surrender, peace, and inner joy (I know that's two words).  I do this in the morning and in the middle of the day maybe for about three to five minutes.  I believe doing this over the last two years has definitely helped me to combat the feeling of anxiety and stress, both of which can age you. 
  • Eat like Buggs Bunny - I definitely attribute my skin and hair to eating lots of dark green leafy vegetables and vegetables in general.  I don't cook vegetables much in the summer. I would say I am about a 75% raw food eater during spring and summer.  I also love green smoothies.  I have learned that as I increase my dark green leafy vegetables the less I want sugary and salty foods.  Foods loaded with sugar and salt contribute to the aging process.  If you want to restart the aging process ....out down that cookie and pick-up a carrot!  I also have cut most flesh from my diet.  I will eat salmon occasionally, but my craving for flesh is almost gone.  Now I am not saying you have to be a raw food eater, but I am saying increasing your veggies goes along way to having healthy and youthful looking skin. (For great recipes that are healthy and easy to make click here for my free recipe book "Eating The Rainbow")
  •  Stay Engaged - I think it is important to keep your brain active and engaged. Learn something new. Take a class, find a hobby, join the latest fitness craze (use wisdom please).  Find something new you think you will enjoy and then actually do it.  You can also read books, write in your journal, learn a new game.  When you keep your brain engaged you feel better, look better and yes look more vibrant.

  • Walk That Walk - I love an early walk in the morning. The air is fresh, cool and invigorating.  I find a certain energy when I am walking that I can't get anywhere else.  If I start my day moving, I am much more easy going and focused.  Movement is key for everyone. It is especially important as we age. I have been told that I glow after a walk...give it a try!! (click here for more great tips on staying in shape)
  •  Flake Off - Flake off your dead skin that is.  I make sure to exfoliate my skin about once a month (you might want to do it more often depends on your skin, every one is different). According to the experts our new skin regenerates on our body about every 30 days.  So there is plenty of new skin to show off!  Just a soft scrub to get rid of the dead skins and to come in contact with that fresh new skin underneath. 
  • Sleep with the Fishes - Seriously I love to fall asleep with the sound of water, or gazing at an aquarium. It is very relaxing and sort of lulls you to sleep.  Sleep is crucial when it comes to maintaining your health.   While you sleep your digestive system is working, your cells are a getting nourished
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