How To Jump Start Your Day! 9 Healthy Breakfast Suggestions That Take Only Minutes!

It's that time again!  Time to shed some pounds and inches from my 10lb extra winter coat. This year I have some incentive.  I will be 58 and I refuse to go into my two years from 60 phase not in shape.  So...I decided to do the Reach The Beach Weight Loss program.  It is so fun and easy to do.  It is all based on walking, stretching, strength training, and eating a healthy diet.

Here I am on day one ready to start my Reach The Beach Weight Loss Program! (It's easy and I love it)

One of the things I need to do is have a healthy breakfast.  It gets my metabolism going and it keeps me from craving a bunch of junk in the afternoon. You can't lose weight without eating breakfast!!! 

My Healthy Breakfast Food Ideas

  1. A cup of low fat yogurt with mixed berries, sprinkle of nuts with a slice of whole wheat bread and green tea
  2. Oatmeal makes the best breakfast item. Add milk (Iprefer one of the nut milks), honey and a fruit preferably strawberry, apple or poached pear to it.
  3. Breakfast Burrito with whole wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and onions with green tea laced with honey
  4. Adding honey, nuts, strawberry and low fat milk to a bowl of your favorite unsweetened cereal is also a healthy breakfast option.
  5. Try whole wheat muffin topped with boiled egg, slices of pineapple and low fat cottage cheese served with a glass of fresh orange juice
  6. A slice of whole wheat bread, yogurt with banana and berries along with a cup of green tea.
  7. Whole grain pita bread stuffed with grilled chicken or turkey, mushroom, low fat processed cheese, tomatoes, capsicum and a small glass of soy milk.
  8. An omelet made in olive oil, a glass of almond milk, an apple and a slice of whole wheat bread is also another common breakfast option which is healthy low cab yet packed with nutrients. 
  9. Fruit smoothies or green smoothies with a tablespoon of protein powder can also give you a good start for the day.