The Woman's Book of Dirty Words - How To ReSet Expectations and Live A Fuller Life

 I had a marvelous time last week talking to Mary Fran Bontempo award winning Author of "Not Ready for Granny Panties" and "The Woman's Book of Dirty Words"

We had a great time talking about how words can sometimes entrap us into certain kinds of behavior that don't serve us well.  Words like "change", "fine", "holidays" and so on can be loaded with hidden meanings that can cause us uncessary stress and frustration. 

Check out what Mary Fran had to say about how we can flip the script on the stress/frustration/anger causing words in our lives and learn how to reset our expectations in a more positive way.

Mary Fran on "The Wellness journey LIVE!"

Mary Fran on "The Wellness Journey After Party on Blab"