6 Great Tips For a Less Stressed Holiday Season

Tis the season to give and give and give.  We give presents, we give our time, we give our energy, what we don't want to do is give away our health.  There are some simple things we can do to make sure that we take good care of ourselves even if we are pressed for time.

Here are some great self-care tips to do during the holidays and even after the holidays:
  • Skype - make a date with a friend on Skype. It is always good to connect with one of your friends you haven't seen for awhile. If you don't have an account on Skype here is the link ...its free! www.skype.com
  • Journal  - take some time to write in your journal and write everything down! Write down how your day went and if it didn't go well write why.  Go ahead and write down all the negative feelings, frustrations, hurts, anger whatever it is you are feeling. 
  • Nap - it's okay to take a break during the day.  Take a power nap for about 15 to 30 minutes during the day.  You will be refreshed, renewed and renergized.
  • Energize - Drink a green smoothie, it will give your body the much needed nutrients you need to stay healthy especially during busy times.  click here for a free great green smoothie cookbook
  • Dance - Get out your favorite music, crank it up and dance.  Relieve your stress and get your mojo back. The feel good hormones start going and you will feel great!
  • Gratitude -  Write a thank you not to a co-worker, neighbor or friend.  It feels great to show someone else appreciation.  Doing something kind for someone else is a great way to usher in more kindness, gratefulness and thankfulness in your world and the world overall.   
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