Wellness Woman Wednesday Webinars - Tips on Anti-Aging Techniques, Naturally Reduce Stress, and Enhance Your Energy

Register for these quick "How To" webinars that will heal and enhance your mind, body, spirit connection.  All of these tips I include in my wellness regime.  I am so excited to share them with you on the Wellness Woman Wednesday Webinars.  Enjoy!

Herbs, Teas and Treats for the Body
A 30 minute webinar that will share information on herbs and teas that will help increase your wellness. Information will be shared on herbs and teas that can help with sleeplessness,increase energy, increase focus, help with PMS symptoms, aide in minimizing menopause symptoms and much more.

DYI Anti-Aging Solutions for the Skin

A 30 minute webinar that will share some of my favorite anti-aging tips.  Topics will range from dealing with dry skin, reducing stress, minimizing wrinkles, facial exercise and much more.

 How To Remove Blocks, Get Breakthroughs and Live an Abundant Life
A 45 minute webinar with Energy Coach Jen Poulsen.  Jen will take us through an energy session that will help to remove blocks that keep us from breakthroughs in our finances and overall abundance.

Start Your Day In A Positive Way - Tips to start your day positive and to keep your day positive.
Ever wish you could rewind your day because it started out and continued to be CRAZY & STRESSED? I used to feel that way and started doing these tips and techniques I share in this webinar to start my day in a more positive way.  This 30 minute webinar will be packed with great ways that you can start positive and stay positive throughout your day!

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