Living A Life of Wellness - Tips That Will Keep You Thriving and Living A Radiant Life

April StewartEarlier this month I interviewed a financial advisor on one of my shows "The Wellness Journey!", about what we can do to get financially well after 40.  One might wonder what does financial wellness have to do with wellness?  The reality is that if our financial life is out of whack that can be very stressful. Prolonged stress can eventually impact your mind, body spirit wellness.  April Parsons-Stewart shares great tips on how you can improve you credit and overall financial wellness. It’s a topic that many of us don’t talk enough about. and we really need to!Click here for the show  

Other great shows that have great tips on how to get well and stay well for your 
mind, body, and spirit. 

Wellness Versus Wellbeing - Moving From Functioning and Flourishing
DrDeana1897If I were to ask you if you would like to do better in every domain of your life and live a longer satisfied life, I believe you would say — of course! Dr. Deana as shares with you some life tools on how to make this happen. She will shed light on why ‘wellness’ is not enough and why ‘wellbeing’ has to be the “health model” if we want to move beyond functioning and flourish!

MLPMD_SCR_Headshot.13153334_std It is still rare to find a traditionally trained Medical Doctor that also recognizes the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection. Dr. Marcus Penn, MD, C.Y.T. is such a Doctor and Renaissance man ( He is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Artist, Author and Photographer) and is passionate about the importance of taking care of our mind, body and spirit. Dr. Penn shares with his prescription for wellness. He also shares how we can inform our bodies, empower our mind, and heal our spirit every day to achieve wellness. An informative and inspiring interview.

 How To Live Your Most Radiant Life Ever
Kelley Bradley  Kelly Bradley, Nutrition, Well-Being and Abundance Coach and I as we talk about how to live a life that is abundant and joyful.  Kelly shares with us her philosophy of life and how we can all design a life that focuses on abundance, well-being and joy.  She also talk about her exciting Your Most Radiant Life Ever Telesummit that will be featuring over 45 experts in the field of wellness, health, success, and abundance. Click here for information about the Radiant Life Summit

Click on the link above and download some great information on wellness.  Get a Green Smoothie E-book,  Eating The Rainbow Recipe Book, 21 Tips To DeStress The Mess and more...