How To Reduce The Effects of Aging, Trauma and Injury To The Body- A Process That Works (It's Working for Me!)

Here is the Block.  It s beautiful hand carved piece of wood that will change your life!

My experience has been at the "after 50, almost 60" range, that life is still just as full and exciting as ever.  I have also learned to stop putting off what I need to do for me to feel invigorated and energetic each day.

Has I have shared before I always "Start My Day In A Positive Way".  I recently added something else that I like to do in the beginning of my day.  It is fabulous.  I have been doing the "21 Day Block Mastery Challenge" and it is making a difference in my life.  I will be sharing with you my results over the next few weeks...but first take a listen to a great interview I did with Deanna Hansen Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics™ and Block Therapy™, a bodywork practice that is meditation, exercise and therapy all in one.

Since I started doing the "21 Day Block Mastery Challenge" I have noticed the following changes

  • I have significantly reduced that "stressed out " feeling I get when feeling overwhelmed
  • I have a deeper sleep
  • I have lost an inch in my waist ( after only three days of dong the block therapy)
  • I have experienced less cravings and hunger 
  • I even have more regular "movements
...and it has only been five days!   I am amazed at how this block can make such a difference.  As Deanna, explained in th video the block helps to manipulate the facia tissue.  What is fascia?  Fascia is Fascia is strong connective tissue which performs a number of functions, including enveloping and isolating the muscles of the body, providing structural support and protection. It is a product of mesenchyme, a type of connective tissue which develops in embryos before differentiating into numerous other structures in the body. Mesechyme also forms the foundation for bone, cartilage, and important components of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Fascia is a very important part of the body, and it has three layers, starting with the superficial directly under the skin and ending with sub-serous, deep inside the body.  It has been scientifically proven that the fasica also houses the impact of emotional trauma. There are ways to improve your fascia's impact on your central nervous system through doing deep sustained streches, yoga and working with the Block Mastery program.

Take a  listen to what Deanna says about releasing stress through yoga, breathing  and the Block Mastery program.


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I am excited about this new low impact way for me to  stay in shape and feel great.  Join me on the challenge.  Would love to hear about your results! Email me at  Would love to hear your story on how Block Mastery has worked for you!

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