Take The Challenge - 21 Days To A More Positive Mindset! (Amended)

I am on a mission.  I am tired of all this negativity that we hear everywhere...social media, internet, news, magazines, negativity is everywhere!  The reality is that all of this negativity we are exposed to is beginning to take its toll. Not only does being exposed to constant negativity impact our emotional wellness it can also impact our health.  Studies have shown a direct correlation between stress, emotional trauma and our health. It's important that we learn to change our mindset and start taking control over our negative thoughts and outlooks.

Below are the steps that will help you change your mindset to a more positive one. Try doing one each day for 21 days.  You will begin to see a change.  You will like how you are starting to feel.  You may even begin to incorporate some of them in your daily life.  Give it a try...take control of your thoughts, start focusing on the good..CHANGE YOUR MINDSET .

 I started out full of expectations in 2016...then things started falling apart.  I knew I had to do something to change the negative self-talk that was beginning to roll around in my head.  I the steps below and today I can definitely say that my outlook has changed to a much more positive one.  I am excited and happy in my life everyday...even when it gets tough thanks to these steps! I did each one, one day at a time for 21 days!  Enjoy!

Day 1   Delete negative words from your vocabulary (e.g, “never”, “can’t” and “try”). Identify  when you tend to use negative words.  If you say something negative, follow up that  statement with a positive one.  For example” “I just can’t run.” Follow up: “I can walk on the treadmill." 

Day 2 Read something inspirational, such as a devotional, scripture, self-improvement essay, anything that inspires and uplifts you.

Day 3 Avoid complaining today. (having a bad hair day, weather is bad, hate the traffic…)  When you find yourself getting ready to complain, say something you’re grateful for  instead. 

Day 4 Take it one step further and write down five things you are grateful for and tell a close friend. Joy is contagious. 

Day 5   Use a dry erase marker to write down on your mirror five things you love about yourself.   

Day 6  Do something nice for a total stranger today (give a compliment; pay it forward) 

Day 7  Journal your feelings, your frustrations, joys, fears and dreams. 

Day 8  Create three positive affirmations and repeat them at least three times throughout the day (e.g., "Today will be a good day.")  

Day 9  Focus on something you've been putting and create a detailed plan on how you will finish it

Day 10  Catch up with a friend in person.  Invite them out for lunch or coffee.  

Day 11  Avoid watching/reading/listening to the news today unless it is an inspirational story.  

Day 12 Treat yourself today.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Some of the best ways to  treat yourself cost very little (visiting an art gallery, buying the newest paperback novel,  getting a pedicure, eating your favorite desert)  

Day 13  Do one thing today that can improve your finances (make your lunch instead of going out to eat or pay off a dept) 

Day 14 Laughter is good for the soul, so find a way to laugh, such as watching your favorite comedy.

Day 15  Relax and Release: Get a massage, take a yoga class, or enjoy a warm bath.

Day 16  De-clutter your space, whether it’s your work area, bathroom or car 

Day 17  Conquer your feat by doing something that genuinely scares you - ride a roller coaster, hold a snake, give a speech ...etc.  The purpose is to learn to move past your fears. Learn that you can conquer them and be victorious. It is a great feeling.

Day 18  Engage in concentration exercises.  For example, select a positive word and repeat it silently for three minutes.

Day 19 Engage in an outdoor activity you enjoy 

Day 20 Enjoy quiet time alone.  Give your phone to a trusted friend/family member or coworker for an hour.   

Day 21 Go technology free today and encourage your family to do the same.  No cell phones, computers, tablets, TV.  Enjoy the day with your family.

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