Emotional Wellness During Tough Time and Transitions-Tips for Surviving and Thriving

Regardless of where you stand politically, these are emotional times full of transition and change. How do we deal with all the emotions we experience as well as some of the more challenging transitions?  How do we maintain our emotional wellness?

Dr.Sithembile Mahlatini, EdD, LCSW,  who is a Psychotherapist, Author of 26 books, and motivational speaker,  was recently on the Wellness Woman Show.  She shared some wonderful tips on how to stay emotionally well during transition and change.  Here are some of the things she shared during her interview about staying emotionally well during difficult and challenging times:
  • Slow down and re-evaluating your current life activities
  • Review and enhance your gratitude about life as a gift
  • Remind yourself about your abilities and resilience
  • Accept the fact that we have little control over certain life circumstances
  • There are times we have to accept the things we cannot change and ask for courage to change those things you can change 
  • Create  space for reflection: Find time to allow yourself to reflect and emotionally process the transition so that you can better understand what exactly you are thinking, feeling and possibly fearing
  • Eliminate your unnecessary spending
  • Shar and exchange your resources with others
  • Reach out for support and give support 
  • Eliminate unwanted material in your life
  • Make use of free-of-charge or inexpensive activities
  • Manage your time in an efficient way 

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