Are You Ready To Work On Healing Your Soul?

We are the result of the sum total of our life’s experiences – both good and bad.  By the time we get to mid-life we have a lot of “hurt” baggage that has unpacked its contents in the depths of our soul.  How do we begin to pack up all that hurt?  Hiow do we heal the accumulation of years of disappointments, frustrations, hurt, anger, and loss? How do we heal our souls so we can move forward to living healthier and happier lives?

Dr. Katherine Kelly who is , Ph.D., M.S.P.H. is a licensed psychologist in her own psychotherapy and consulting practice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina shares with us why it is important to heal our souls and what we can do to usher in a holistic form of healing for our mind, body, spirit, and soul.  In this interview, Dr. Kelly and I talk about the necessity to address the hurts of our soul as we move forward in life.  

There is no doubt that when we get to mid-life we have experienced a lot of  negative emotional baggage.  That negative baggage is embedded in our soul and the healing of the soul is an integral part of our overall mind, body, spirit wellness. 

I have known Dr. Kelly for almost 7 years and there has never been a time when I have spoken with her that I have not walked away with a powerful message that has made a permanent change on how I encode my life experience.  Dr. Kelly doesn’t just believe in helping others to heal; instead, her mission is to help them to evolve.  Using her own integrative framework – the south Health Model- Dr. Kelly approaches her work with clients from a “psycho-spiritual” perspective.  She provides a uniquely progressive, yet down-to-earth approach to healing and is well-known in both the therapeutic and medical communities.  She strives to help clients reach what she calls “consciousness evolution” through a variety of self-designed methods.
I hope you enjoy this interview.  In fact, during the interview, I had an “ah-ha”, moment that has added to my own soul healing.  You may want to listen to this more than once… so much information is shared that will give you your own “ah-ha” moment

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series -"Changes and Transitions - Holistically healing Your Soul After 40