Battle of The Mid-Life Belly- Holistic Strategy To Win The War

It seems that I literally woke up one morning and my nice flat stomach had this...bulge.  A bit of extra skin that was spongy and not flattering.  Where the heck did this come from, I thought. I exercise every day, I eat healthily, I do my core exercises...why is this happening.

There are many reasons why we might get belly fat.  Some of the obvious reasons for overeating, not working out, not drinking enough of the right liquids and stress.  While that belly fat seems to get more comfortable in staying with us as we age.  There are things you can do to "beat the battle of  the belly fat:"

I decided to take a mind, body and spirit approach to beating my "fat belly".  Why?  Because belly fat increases when we are stressed, it also increases when we don't exercise, and when we aren't feeling our bodies properly.

Here are some holistic suggestions to fight what we used to call the "mid-drift bulge"

  • Decrease the Stress - As we age decreasing stress is important as we age.  Continually being in stressful situations can cause an increase in cortisol which ultimately adds up to thickening in our mid-drift area.  Take a look at your lifestyle, where can some stress be reduced.  There are many ways to reduce your stress.  click here for more information
  • 30 Minutes A Day - As we age we need to increase our movement not decrease our movement.  You can increase your movement by walking, yoga, swimming, pilates, stretching etc.  Movement gets the blood flowing to your organs to keep them healthy, it helps to keep your joints moving, it is a mood enhancer, improves your cardiovascular health and it BURNS CALORIES. 
  • Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices -  Watch what you eat, get more rest, and do the things that give you a sense of peace and joy.  As we age we need to learn to put our health and wellness first.  We have spent in most cases, more than half our lives giving to everyone else.  Now it's time to give back to ourselves by increasing our self-care and making healthier choices. 
  • Embrace Strength Training - It is important as we age to do strength training to improve our bone health, burn fat, and increase our muscle mass.  Choose strength exercises that work all parts of your body.  Lifting weights are always good for increasing your strength. Do strength training moves that target your stomach muscles as well. One of my favorites is doing planks. Planks help strengthen all the muscles in the body.  You can start by holding the plank for 30 seconds and within one month be up to holding a plank for 5 minutes.