10 Favorite Blogs for Women Over 40

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I spend a lot of time reading blogs.  I am always looking for good content that  I feel will appeal to women over 40.

In this day of information overload, it is easy to miss out on some great information that is shared by podcasts and bloggers.  I decided to save you a bit of time and share with you some of my favorite blogs for Women over 40.  Enjoy!

Sue Ingebretson is a friend and colleague.  I have known her for about 9 years and her blog had been one of my favorites.  She shares information about living as a health-challenged woman, with an emphasis on Fibromyalgia.  Her blog is recognized as one of the best when it comes to dealing with living with Fibromyalgia.    Sue has been living with Fibromylagia for years.  Sue writes with a sense of humor, compassion, and hands-on knowledge. Sue is a nationally recognized expert and has been featured in several magazines and has written a book FibroWHYalgia.

Arian T Moore, Ph.D., is also a friend and colleague that I have known for over 7 years.  Her online magazine/blog is an excellent source of information for working moms.  There is information that covers a variety of topics from leadership to lifestyle to parenting.  A lot of effort has gone into covering topics that the active working mom would find valuable. I enjoy this online magazine so much I included it in the over 40 categories because they have great topics for women at any age.  If you happen to have grown children who are working moms they will love it too.

Angie Spuzak has created a wonderful and informative blog that talks about balancing hormones, eating healthy, and staying healthy as we age.  Angie shares information that is invaluable for women who are struggling with hormonal imbalance.  Angie has personal experience with unbalanced hormones and writes from not just her education but also has lived through the nightmare that unbalanced hormones can cause.  She talks about meal planning, hormone detox, and offers great programs that will help you to get hormonally balanced.

Dr. Nicki Steinberger has an MA in Spiritual Psychology and a PH.D.in Clinical Psychology.  She shares in her blog her story of dealing with type 2 diabetes.  Once diagnosed, she became passionate about finding out all she could about Type II Diabetes and shares much of this information in her blog and her wonderful book "Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes"  According to New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, Christiane Northrup, M.D., "Contrary to what conventional medicine generally believes, type2 diabetes is reversible...even preventable.  All the secrets for how to do this are right here in this engaging book"    Dr. Nicki also helps work-driven women disconnected from self-care to get back on track and help them develop a healthy relationship with themselves.  She writes with a sense of humor and a sense of realism.

Elizabeth Harris, MS, RDN is passionate about nutrition and wellness.  Her blog includes some great recipes.  She provides a lot of information that helps us understand how value-added nutrition helps us with our total wellness.  Topics range from eating patterns to improve your moods to secrets on how to burn calories.   Her blog is easy to read and full of wonderful information about a topic most of us love ... FOOD.   Always upbeat, encouraging, and informative, Elizabeth Harris's blog is a real find!

Ellen Dolgen has been a past guest on my Wellness Journey show.  Her blog is FABULOUS and is all about the menopause experience.  She is the creator of Menopause Mondays a FREE ebook that has had over 125,000 downloads and also the name of her blog.  Ellen's blog is written with a great sense of humor and she digs deep when it comes to all the different symptoms of menopause.  Her blog has received numerous awards and recognition and I know you will enjoy her approach toa topic that is sometimes not much fun.  Here is one of her great videos about menopause https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4TMJ7xyeaE

Cathy Chester was diagnosed with MS in 1986.  She writes about her experience in dealing with MS but she also writes about the condition of the female spirit as we age.  Her blog has received recognition from Healthline, and Everyday Health as one of the best blogs to follow.  Her writing is empowering inspiring and educational as she shares with others how to live a positive life with MS.

This is a great blog about fitness and fun by twins who call themselves "Boom Chicka Boomers"  Kimberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA provides information on fitness and health that is fun and informative.  They cover a variety of topics from meditation to lose weight to how to lower your blood pressure through movement.  They also deal with the process of aging and all the topics that fall within that category.  Their humor is a bit sarcastic, but you will find yourself laughing out loud.   Both have been in the fitness industry for years and have received numerous awards and recognition for their work in having an active and healthy lifestyle after 40.

This blog the largest global online magazine and blog for women sixty and over.  While it is geared toward the older woman, there are wonderful articles and resources for the over 40 crowd as well.  The blog covers dating, beauty, money, travel, life and they even have a section for games to help with your brain health.  They also have some wonderful videos where the founder, Margaret Manning, shares her wisdom and thoughts.

A great blog to help you focus on your financial wellness.  The author of the blog, Amy Esplin White does an excellent job of providing information for women to help build and manage their wealth.  She provides worthwhile content related to personal finance, parenting and some fun stuff as well.  She has an inspiring personal story that talks about how she and her husband managed to pay off a $293,000 debt.  She says this blog's focus is on Xennuials (born between 1977- 1983) but there is wonderful information for any woman who needs ideas on attaining and managing your wealth.

My Special Bonus Favorite
I just love the content full of encouragement, motivation, and support.  The best way to share how great this blog is to just share something from the site.  "We're here to tell you that you do matter, you are good enough, your body is amazing (yes, even if you have cellulite and some wobbly bits!) and what you want from life is really important"   That really says it all and that is the theme throughout the blog.   Love it, love it, love it!!


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