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ReplaceThose Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts - Flip the Script!

If you find yourself battling with the same old bad habits or unhealthy behaviors chances are your mental script needs an overhaul.  If our thoughts control our behavior, then we need to replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy thoughts by focusing on what we want to achieve instead of what we lack. Focusing on lack produces more lack.  Therefore, if you are in debt, think about God's abundance and overflowing blessings in your life.  If you are fearful, fill your mind with scriptures or affirmations regarding God's protection and safety.  If you are doubtful, build up your most wholly faith with scriptures attesting to God's faithfulness.If you are having problems in your marriage, instead of belaboring what your partner doesn't do, meditate on thoughts that will create a healthy and loving relationship.  It will change the way you see your mate.  Affirmations, if listened to consistently for a period of  time, will help you to change the way you think resulting in a …

Embracing Hope During Challenging Times

I am always looking for ways to encourage myself, uplift myself, and take of myself. It is essential in these days and times for us to make sure we are caring for ourselves in a loving way. There is enough negativity and cruelness out there in the world without our adding ourselves to our own "I am upset with you" list. Below are some tips that I am following to put more positiveness and hope in my life.

Be Kind To Yourself
Think about what you need most, and then do it. Is it a cup of tea, a brisk walk, some downtime, quiet music, a little rest, or reading inspirational literature? Whatever it is, grant yourself permission to do it, even for just a few minutes. If you're at work, take a "care-break" where you take care of you for a brief moment. These small moments accumulate and transform the texture of our days.
Create a Five Minute Daily Ritual of Silence
Light a candle and pray, meditate or reflect. You don't have to believe in any particular deity to ma…

Staying Balanced- Mind, Body and Spirit

There are so many techniques, opinions, and practices that are subscribed to when it comes to the topic of keeping the body balanced. Most of them have some relevance and the majority of them will work for some people. I have come to realize after working with so many people that everyone is truly different. What might work for you may not be as effective for someone else. That is not to say that one person is in better or worse shape than the other, quite the contrary. It really does point to the difficulty that all practitioners have – to figure out what works best for each person. We can’t apply healing to everyone with a broad stroke. Everyone has different needs to maintain their balance and ultimately their health.

The reality is first of all no health issue is minor. Health issues are all important. They can become the building blocks of much serious matters and should be addressed as soon as they rear their ugly head. That being said there are somethings we can do to get to kno…

Just Move - A Must For Wellness!

Lately I have been hit with the true reality that we have become a sedentary society. Even though we have workout facilities, dance studios, groups sports, exercise clubs etc... we as a society are really MOVING on a regular basis. When you think about it we sit at our computers, in front of our TV's, playing video games, sitting at meetings etc... We are at a point in our society that we need to go back to basics and just MOVE!!!

Moving is not only important ot our physical health but it is also important to our emotional health. Have you ever stopped what you were doing while perhaps at the office, and just got up, started moving - perhaps take a walk around the office or a quick 5 minute walk to get some fresh air? Didn't you feel invigorated, rejuvenated and refreshed? It is amazing how that little bit of movement can create such a positive impact on our bodies and our attitude.

There are a few things that you can start to do to get yourself motivated to start adding movi…