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Lose the Fear

Our Guest Blogger -  Deanna Heiliger is a teacher and an inspirational writer and speaker. She is happily married, raising four sweet daughters. For encouragement with and support in becoming a "Better You” visit her weekly blog: and visit her fan page on Facebook for a daily dose of positive goodness:
Fear is quite an interesting thing. It is different for everyone and comes in all shapes and sizes. Some fear lasts a lifetime, and other fear seems to mysteriously appear out of nowhere. Fear can cover a huge spectrum; from fear of getting a splinter to fear of dying. What is fear exactly and how do we overcome it? Since fear is a personal thing, and not everyone has the same fear, how does it become ours? How can one person be afraid of heights and not be afraid of spiders? I have met people who honestly are not afraid of anything. Doesn’t this make you want to learn more about fear? The notion of fear peeks …

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A Matter of Balance-Staying Energized,Motivated, Stress Free 05/30 by The Wellness Journey | Blog Talk Radio

How do you manage the day to day stress of everyday life while maintaining a balance of health and happiness? Join us as we talk with two experts who will share with you how to achieve that balance in your life  and increase your energy, motivation and move toward living a stress free life.   Jen Poulson  is a Health & Wellness Energy Coach and is a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner who will share with us ways   to reduce our stress, anxiety, and improve our over all health through unique practices that get wonderful results. (I know I have done a session with her and had AMAZING results)   Kristen Rzasa, host of A Matter of Balance: A Woman’s Quest for Health, Harmony, & Kick Ass Heels,certified as a group fitness instructor, YogaFit instructor,a Reiki Practitioner (ART) and owner of a top ranked Jazzercise franchise, will share with us how to achieve a work/life balance and increase our energy and focus.  Wellness Woman Webinar

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