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Essential Oils for Your Health and Wellness

I have used essential oils for three years and I can't tell you what a source of healing they have been in my life.

About three years ago I was in the depth of despair, depressed and full of anxiety.  I had gone to the Doctor and they were ready to fill me with pills to take away that feeling of despair, anxiety and depression.   Because I was so desperate I decided to take those pills they suggested and for awhile I felt better.  But the reality was I knew what they were doing to my kidneys, my liver; my overall body wellness was in threat of the side effects of taking these kinds of drugs.

After three months I weaned myself off the two prescriptions the Doctor's had prescribed and looked for other alternatives.  I was already exercising and that really helped but I knew I needed something else.  That was when I was introduced to Tru-Essence Oils , Essentials Oils that are the lifeblood of plants, herbs, spices and flowers.  Essential oils have shown to be anti-bacterial, …

Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward by Guest Blogger -CAROLINE THIBEAUX
We may not have the twinkling feet of a Fred Astaire or the sleek and smooth moves of a James Brown but without a doubt our feet play a big part in our lives. More than we sometimes realize. We think at the foot as one whole part of the body, an extension, but the human foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and 107 ligaments. Why so many parts? Those many parts allow us to mould our feet according to the terrain keeping us stable.  It is in short the foundation of how we stand in life, - (pun intended). It provides balance as we move and when that balance is off, a host of troubles can occur.

How does this balance get upset?
Many ways. For example, imagine sitting in your car with your arms and hands clenched on you steering wheel. After a while, your shoulders start to feeze in that state of heightened alertness. This affects all the rotator cuff muscles on your shoulders and when you get out of your car, you may not notice that y…

Magnesium Matters


"I have to pick-up the kids, stop by the grocery store, go through the rest of my email from work,prioritize my bills (even if I can't pay all of them), make sure I call the plumber (darn where is that number), remind my youngest to start his project, call my parents and check on the, oh shoot the laundry we are out of towels, where is my aspirin"
  and so it goes.  Ever have days like this where the stress level is raising to an all time high?  I think we all have.

What we all don't realize is the impact has that stress has on our bodies and how it can cause chemical imbalances that make our feeling stressed even worse. One of those imbalances that can result is a lack of Magnesium.

There are some solutions- one of them is to make sure you have a sufficient amount of magnesium in your system.  You need 400 mg a day, preferably taken at night.  When we are stressed the magnesium gets in our blood cells,then to our blood plasma and ends up being passed through our…