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How To DeToxify Your Mind, Body,Spirit Connection for Wellness

During the course of our lives we are exposed to many experiences, relationships, ways of treating our bodies, people etc.  that are quite frankly...toxic.  How do we go about changing our lives for the better and moving towards a toxic free life.  In other words what do we need to do to DETOXIFY??

In the latest issue of "Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, Different Backgrounds...Same Journey", over 30 experts in the field of health and wellness share wonderful tools and tips to help us  identify and in some cases remove the toxins in our lives.  

There are just some wonderful articles in this latest issue such as:

Detxoing Toxic Thoughts and Beliefs

Relationship Detox - Removing Toxins After A Break-Up

Yummy Detox Recipes

Spring Cleaning for Mid-Life Toxins

...and much more

Check out all of the wonderful articles in this latest issue here "Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond"  


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Journey Through Menopause - Cortisol, Stress, and Your Health and Wellness

I have recently noticed a direct correlation between my hormonal balances  shift (and I can definitely tell when that happens!) and how it impacts my body during stress. The reaction was subtle  at first but now as I continue through my journey of menopause the symptoms are much more pronounced. So I decided to do some research about how we react to stress impacts our hormonal balances - especially when it come s to cortisol.  All of our hormones are inter-dependent but I thought I would explore the cortisol hormone sense it seems to always be linked with stress.  Here is what I found out:
When we are in high stress our cortisol levels increase. Initially this could be a good thing because: our hear beat increases and pumps more oxygen to the brainwe get more energy for our fat and glucose storehousewe appear to feel a burst of well beingBut over time prolonged stress can break down our health and overall wellness . During stressful times we need to keep our cortisol level in check and …