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How To Jump Start Your Day! 9 Healthy Breakfast Suggestions That Take Only Minutes!

It's that time again!  Time to shed some pounds and inches from my 10lb extra winter coat. This year I have some incentive.  I will be 58 and I refuse to go into my two years from 60 phase not in shape.  So...I decided to do the Reach The Beach Weight Loss program.  It is so fun and easy to do.  It is all based on walking, stretching, strength training, and eating a healthy diet.

Here I am on day one ready to start my Reach The Beach Weight Loss Program! (It's easy and I love it)

One of the things I need to do is have a healthy breakfast.  It gets my metabolism going and it keeps me from craving a bunch of junk in the afternoon. You can't lose weight without eating breakfast!!! 

My Healthy Breakfast Food Ideas
A cup of low fat yogurt with mixed berries, sprinkle of nuts with a slice of whole wheat bread and green tea Oatmeal makes the best breakfast item. Add milk (Iprefer one of the nut milks), honey and a fruit preferably strawberry, apple or poached pear to it. Breakfas…

My Story -How Essential Oils Changed My Life AND How They Can Change Yours Too!

I discovered essential oils about 6 years when I was struggling with stress and anxiety.  I would awaken in the morning very anxious and stressed.  When I awakened in the morning I would feel like I was going downhill on a roller coaster with no restraints.  It was a horrible feeling. I began to dread the beginning of the morning so much that I would not want to sleep. Over time,  I developed a sleeping disorder and was basically exhausted.  I tried everything and nothing seemed to work as well as the essential oils.
I used a  combination of oils that really helped me to get rid of that anxious feeling and after a couple of weeks that bad feeling was gone completely.  I could not believe it.  Within a couple of weeks I was sleeping better, my anxiousness in the morning had reduced significantly, and my focus was much better. Click here to see the combination of oils that helped me with stress. 

*Only Therapeutic Grade offers Highest Benefits and CAN Be Ingested
*One drop of oil ca…

Stressed, Anxious, Worn-Out? Essentail Oils Can Help...They Worked For Me!

About 6 years ago I was truly a wreck!I wasn’t sleeping well, at times I had trouble focusing,  and I had this anxious feeling in the mornings.For the last 15 years I had been in denial that the feeling I had every time I got up in the morning was not normal.Every morning I would wake up with this horrible feeling that I was going straight down hill in a roller-coaster without any restraint to protect me from falling.It was a horrible feeling.The only thing that used to keep me from feeling this way, was a cup of coffee (ugh!).I took it for granted that I would always feel this way and lived like this for years.It was not until I had an “ah-ha” moment that I realized that I didn’t have to feel this way, that I needed to address this problem and take charge of my emotional wellness.
After much research I heard that essential oils could actually help my anxiety.To say that I was a skeptic is putting it lightly!I had only used oils for fragrance and I loved the wonderful smell.I had ne…