My Story -How Essential Oils Changed My Life AND How They Can Change Yours Too!

I discovered essential oils about 6 years when I was struggling with stress and anxiety.  I would awaken in the morning very anxious and stressed.  When I awakened in the morning I would feel like I was going downhill on a roller coaster with no restraints.  It was a horrible feeling. I began to dread the beginning of the morning so much that I would not want to sleep. Over time,  I developed a sleeping disorder and was basically exhausted.  I tried everything and nothing seemed to work as well as the essential oils.

I used a  combination of oils that really helped me to get rid of that anxious feeling and after a couple of weeks that bad feeling was gone completely.  I could not believe it.  Within a couple of weeks I was sleeping better, my anxiousness in the morning had reduced significantly, and my focus was much better. Click here to see the combination of oils that helped me with stress. 


*Only Therapeutic Grade offers Highest Benefits and CAN Be Ingested

*One drop of oil can go through all your cells in 30 seconds - 20 minutes.

*Oils can go through the Cell Wall and CAN kill a virus


Here are a few things that essential oils can do!

*Raise Energy

*Aid Digestion

*Boost Immunity

*Enhance Mood

*Calm Nerves

*Restful Sleep 

*Help Upset Stomach

*Speed Metabolism

*Increase Athletic Performance

A FEW IDEAS for PERSONAL USE (there are hundreds more!)

*Lemon or Lime Essential Oil in Water or Smoothies

*Diffuse On Guard Oil in the air to boost immunity during illness threats

*Inhale Breathe Oil for Healthy Respiration with Seasonal Air Issues

*Peppermint Oil for Head Tension, Calm Stomach and Energy Boost


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