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Spring Into The Stress Free Zone-De-Stress The Mess

Have you ever had that feeling that if one more thing goes wrong in your life that you're going to scream? Ever felt like one more thing, just one more that's it and your going to just ....just, BLOW UP?

Boy did I have that  feeling while I was raising my four daughters.  They are all close in age (I was basically pregnant for about 10 years) There were times when I thought I could literally feel my blood pressure going up. Times when I would awaken in the morning full of anxiety because of all the activities I had scheduled for the girls on that day.

I finally learned (about 25 years later) some key things I need to do in order to minimize the impact of stress on my body.  It is a very simple recipe... Exercise + Diet + Meditation(Prayer) = "De-Stress the Mess". That's right. Its as simple as that a this month on the PraiseWorks Fan Page we are talking about tips, tools and techniques to "De-Stress the Mess".

We are cover information about stress and …

Keep Everything in Perspective

Our Guest Blogger -  Deanna Heiliger is a teacher and an inspirational writer and speaker. She is happily married, raising four sweet daughters. For encouragement with and support in becoming a "Better You” visit her weekly blog: and visit her fan page on Facebook for a daily dose of positive goodness:

When I was in seventh grade, I received the greatest Christmas gift of all: My dad bought me and my three siblings each a new set of luggage. I loved my new three piece set from the moment I saw it…it was sturdy, red, and it was all mine! I loved it even more as I unzipped each section and pocket and discovered several fun gifts neatly wrapped and stuffed inside. Christmas kept giving, as I opened up the last pocket; inside were airline tickets to Mexico! We were taking a family vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico!!! Boy was I excited! As our Christmas break was coming to an end, we returned home to snowy Colorado. When we wer…