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6 Ways To Achieve Spiritual Wellness After 40

As I grow older I find myself striving to connect more the divine within, digging deep to connect with the reason God placed me in this body and this life.  I know sounds deep but for me at this stage of my life I find I want to spend sometime discovering who I truly am or want to be. 

Spiritual Wellness for me is seeking the true meaning of life and what my role is in this life.  Simply put Spiritual Wellness is taking the time to learn how to connect with yourself, nature, and ultimately your destiny.  Here are the 6 keys to Spiritual Wellness that I strive for in order to stay spiritually well. I don't have all of them down yet...but I am a work in progress!!

Ponder, Pray and Meditate - at this stage of my life I find myself spending more quiet time listening to that inner voice that leads,guides and directs me to my ultimate good.  Take five minutes a day and just be quiet.  Pray if that is what feels right to you,  perhaps mediate on an affirmation or one word, or perhaps ju…

Suffering From Chronic Disease? Three Choices You Can Make Today To Live A Life of Health, Joy and Peace

Do you ever get a chance to destress? If "no" click here
We all have a choice.Yes, we actually do have a choice in deciding how we want to live our lives.As we age we begin to see the results of some of the choices we have made.Hopefully some of those choices have been pretty good, yet there are still others that may not have been the best.It is those other choices (the not so good ones) that might be causing us some issues.Some of those issues involve our health, our wellness, and our overall quality of life.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of chronic disease (fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, lupus, other inflammatory diseases, or cancer) you are dealing with and trying to live with, the symptoms that come with such a diagnosis.After a while you find yourself stressed out, exhausted, in pain, feeling depressed, losing hope for a change, and basically not living a joy filled life.

The good news is there is something that you can do to…

3 Colorful Summer Salad Great for Anti-Aging

This is the time of the year I like to try to challenge myself and find some great recipes that are tasty and healthy too.  This year my focus has been finding salad recipes with interesting ingredients that are colorful and tasty. 

I also love the ingredients that are high in minerals, Vitamin C and iron, all which are needed when it comes to anti-aging. 

I try to eat at least one big salad a day.  Sometime I will add chia seed for proteing to these salads, or a bit of