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Feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed Out? 10 Holistic Living Tips That Will Help

Peace be still...

These days stress is a part of our lives.  It appears that stress is unavoidable and a part of everyday life. Statistics show that stress can come as a result of  our jobs, money issues, relationships, poor nutrition, media overload, and sleep deprivation.

Studies have also shown  77% experience physical symptoms from stress; 73% experience psychological symptoms from stress and 48% feel stress has increased in their lives over the last five years.  We have to start finding ways to minimize how stress impacts the body.

Here are some great holistic tips to reduce your stress and increase your joy, focus, and productivity!

Determine what is actually causing you stress.  Is it a particular person, a situation you are experiencing, a particular event, a relationship?  Is your plate too full?  Have you taken on too many obligations and now you are feeling anxious, nervous or fearful? Make it a priority to set your personal boundaries and then live by them.  Get r…

10 Ways To Embrace Mid-Life That Enhances Your Overall Wellness And Joy of Life

"Thriving in mid-life is not only possible, it is what's probably..if you allow it" 
Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Holistic Living and Wellness Expert 

As I move toward 60, I find that my frame of reference has changed.I remember thinking how things were going to get better after 50.I remember thinking how I was going to take the world by storm at 55.I also remember how shocked I was that life was still somewhat chaotic, full of surprises and well just plain unpredictable.
Given that, as I get closer 60 I have some new philosophies I want to share about transitioning to mid-life; from a wellness and spiritual perspective.

Be Careful Not to “Self-Select” Out It is so easy for one to decide “well I am older, I don’t do the things I used to, I really don’t want to be around a lot of people”.Warning … self-selecting out or withdrawing from friends and activities is the worst thing you can do as you transition to mid-life.Fight that feeling to be alone,; to not engage with others.Make …