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Living A Life of Wellness - Tips That Will Keep You Thriving and Living A Radiant Life

Earlier this month I interviewed a financial advisor on one of my shows "The Wellness Journey!", about what we can do to get financially well after 40.  One might wonder what does financial wellness have to do with wellness?  The reality is that if our financial life is out of whack that can be very stressful. Prolonged stress can eventually impact your mind, body spirit wellness.  April Parsons-Stewart shares great tips on how you can improve you credit and overall financial wellness. It’s a topic that many of us don’t talk enough about. and we really need to!Click here for the show  

Other great shows that have great tips on how to get well and stay well for your  mind, body, and spirit. 

Wellness Versus Wellbeing - Moving From Functioning and Flourishing
If I were to ask you if you would like to do better in every domain of your life and live a longer satisfied life, I believe you would say — of course! Dr. Deana as shares with you some life tools on how to make this ha…

Five Reason's to Enjoy Exercise Outdoors - Especially After 40,50,60

(I found this blog on  Wisdompills today and wanted to share with you. I really do believe that exercising outdoors is exhilarating..especially as we hit the mid-life journey.  Exercising outdoors gets the endorphines going and that is so important as we battle our hormonal ups and downs.  Please read and enjoy! )

As you make your way to the gym for your daily, weekly – or for some of us, monthly – workout, take a moment to consider an outdoor exercise routine instead. I have been known to buy ten-card passes to a local gym and although undoubtedly pulling and lifting weights is good for my muscle strength and flexibility, I realized I enjoyed the ride on my bicycle to the gym and back more than the time spent in the gym itself. Crowded facilities, the intense concentration of people completing their workout in near silence and the sweaty, humid atmosphere is not always that appealing.
In contrast, the enjoyment I get from the sharp fresh air of winter, seeing trees springing …

5 Anti-Aging Smoothies That Help Give You That Youthful Look

Green Smoothies are one of the best foods you can prepare for your skin and overall wellness.Green Smoothies are full of minerals, vitamins and paired with different super foods that can help with preventing chronic disease, cancer, obesity, and much more.
Here are a few more benefits of drinking Green Smoothies. ·Natural Weight Loss ·Increased Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables ·Easier Digestibility and Nutrient Assimilation ·Antioxidants ·Increased Energy ·Mental Clarity and Focus ·Increased Fiber Intake ·Clearer Skin ·Reduce Cravings ·Rich with Chlorophyll

The following smoothies are great for healthy skin.Some of these smoothies have ingredients that can help deal with specific skin care issues.Here are some great ingredients that are included in some of the smoothies below that are especially great for your skin. 
Kale – helps protect your skin from oxidation stress and can help to clear up wrinkles. Coconut – Provides a healthy dose of Vitamin E oil which is important for skin repa…

21 Ways To Create A Life You Love!

These are exciting times!! 
I was recently invited to be one of 21 experts taking part in a fabulous event called the ‘Brokenhearted to Openhearted’ telesummit.  As one of the 21 experts, I get to invite my friends. That’s you. 
This FREEtelesummit will help you ‘Awaken to life’s possibilities to create a future you’ll love’ as we (who’ve been there, done that and struggled before finally getting the hang of it) share the tips and tools to effect significant positive change in your life. As you know, heartbreak is an opportunity to do life differently… with some guidance. 
Join us as we guide, motivate and inspire you to achieve better wealth/finance/career, dating/relating/sex, thought management/life balance, spirituality/inner peace, authenticity/self-worth, family/work/friend relationships, health/wellness, future visioning/goal setting, purposeful work that pays well. Sign up here at and receive an interview a day as soon as we go live.
And if…

10 Holistic Ways To Get A Good Night Sleep

SLEEP - is now in the news.  Arianna Huffington has written a book about the necessity of sleep. Her new book "The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night At A Time"  talks about how important it is to get enough sleep.  Arianna's book talks about the fact that we are a sleep depraved society and if we don't change our patterns of sleep the result can be poor health and in some cases death.  In a recent article written by Jane Mulkerrins about Arianna Huffington and her new book, Ms. Mulkerrins discovered that, "skimping on sleep may eventually affect us so badly that those of us who don’t end up dead – through cancer, heart disease or fatal accidents caused by exhaustion – will be overweight, stupid and depressed, our brains, metabolisms and moods ravaged.  Sleep deprivation has even been tied to making one  more susceptible to Alzheimers!

The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

It is true we are a nation of sleep deprived people.    One of the …