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22 Tips to Make Travel Healthy with Less Stress In Mid-Life

I love traveling, especially when I am going to visit my family, but it could be very stressful for the mind and the body: planning the trip, preparing luggage, stressful security lines or even feeling changes in your body.  For instance, you might get swelling of the feet and legs because of the of the change in pressure on the airplane.  Last week, I caught a plane and I practiced some rituals to increase my wellness while traveling.  Here are some practices and tips that I use to help me to stay well and energized once I arrive at my destination.  
Before Traveling
Plan your trip in advance - In order to reduce last-minute stress and confusion, it’s a great practice to plan.  (examples making extra keys, picking up mail rides to the airport)
Make a list with all you need - consider making the list a month in advance and add to its needed keeping in mind a cutoff date for the list  
Start eating a healthy diet - days before, try to have a healthy diet: increasing vegetables and fruits, r…