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How To Go Into The Second Half Of Your Life Feeling Fit & Fabulous

People ask me all the time how do I maintain my energetic personality and "youthful" look.  I finally wrote a blog about it about a year ago (  )    While the tips I shared still hold true there are many ways you can maintain or improve your vitality, reinvigorate your "youthful glow" and thrive through the second half of life. 

This past summer I had some great guests on "The Wellness Journey-LIVE" who also had some really great tips to share about how to thrive, stay youthful and even increase your energy while moving into the second half of your life.  I have included the links to these top rated shows.  You will want to listen to them more than once.  Our guest experts share some really amazing tips that will help you enhance your overall wellness and vitality.

How To Melt The Fat Away - Techniques To Help You Manage Your Weight
Carol Dunlop, weight loss a…