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Is There Such A Thing As Work/Life Balance - Day #56 On My Journey To Wellness

In the past I wondered about whether or not I could ever achieve work/life balance.  Is there such a thing as achieving work/life balance?  I heard a term the other day that was new to me.  Holistic Work/Life Balance. What is Holistic Work/LifeBalance?  Well, it is definitely an approach to increasing the quality of our lives whose time has come.  The holistic approach to life; really involves taking into consideration all the aspects of our lives that make us who we are.  We are not just a body, nor are we just our mind.  We are made up of the mind, body, spirit connection and each of those components work together to define who we are.  Anytime we are off in any area of the mind, body, spirit connection then we need to make an adjustment.  Achieving wellness through the mind, body, spirit connection is a continuous journey that really never ends during the course of our lives.  It is during this journey that we actually find a sense of joy, peace and wellness.   It truly is not abou…

Easy, Simple &Tasty! Great Healthy Recipe Sites For Thanksgiving...Day #55 on My Journey to Wellness

Turkey Day is fast approaching and I have been searching for recipes that I can prepare that are tasty and healthy.  Since I have been on my quest to practice what I preach, I definitely wanted to make sure that the sides I prepare help me to stay within my self imposed wellness guidelines: low on salt, low on fat, low on calories, high on great taste.

I found a lot of great recipes and thought I would share with you some of the links I have found for some really great healthy Turkey Day recipes.

Farm to Table Thanksgiving
For all you vegetarians out there this is such a great site for recipes for Thanksgiving.  Wonderful side dishes that are healthy and delicious.  My favorite recipe from this site: Persimmon Caprese Salad 
Another great group of recipes for side dishes.  All of the dishes feature vegetables that are in season for the fall. Using vegetables in season for your Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to save some dollars!  My favorite from this site: Roasted Cau…

21 Day Holiday Survival Challenge - Starts December 1st Absolutely FREE

The holidays are almost here!  While it is exciting and full of fun it can also be stressful. Everyone is talking about stress and the holiday's and what we need are solutions to help us minimize our stress AND increase our joy.


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This is your time to escape the most insane time of the year, otherwise known as the holidays.
We created this 21 day guide for you because we know that most people, including us, sometimes feel a sense of dread mixed in with the excitement as the holidays approach.
By the time December ends, you’re all frazzled and fried and wishing for an end to it all.
You’re not alone, we’ve all been there. That’s why when you register for this guide, you’ll receive 21 days of actionable, real-world strategies that include recipes, workouts, stretch sessions, meditations and even real advice that works to keep you sane and functio…

Relief From Bloated Feeling After Eating Those Holiday Meals - 5 Yoga Moves That Help Your Digestion

As I head into the holiday season I am very conscious about the whole "gaining weight during the holiday" fears.  I have always found that even if I watch what I eat I sometimes get that bloated feeling that comes with indulging in some foods that I may not normally eat.

There are many Yoga poses that you can do to facilitate digestion and get rid of that full or bloated feeling.  Here are my top five that I do especially during the holiday season.  These moves won't only help with digestion but they will also help flatten you tummy!

If you want to find out other ways to survive holiday stress click here

Spinal Twist (sooth and tone your abdomen)
Directions:Lie down, hug your knees and inhale. As you exhale, drop your knees to the left, using your left hand to push them down gently. Then, turn your head and stretch your arm out to the right. Stay for five to ten breaths. Inhale, and return your hands and knees to center. Repeat on the other side.

Bridge Pose (helps bl…

5 Tips To Help Stop The Cravings - Day #42 On My Journey to Wellness

For the last 42 days I have been on a quest to do the things I need to do to get fit and stay fit.  It has been quite a journey and I have learned more about what I need to do to stay well from a holistic stand point. I have tried to share those things that I thought you might be interested in and that I thought were most important.

One of the topics I hear women talk about all the time is CRAVINGS!!  Whether you are 25, 55, 75 or 105 we all have cravings. It really starts to get crazy during PMS and Menopause.  I decided to attack my cravings in a different way.  I know all about the different herbs and foods we can take to help with our cravings (in fact that will be my next blog)  but how do we beat the mind game that goes along with our cravings.

I have tried these suggestions for two weeks and they are working.  We really start to get well, get fit, even lose weight when we take control of our thoughts.  We have chatter that is constantly going on in our heads. But we truly do ha…

5 Ways To DeStress At Your Desk - Day #38 On My Journey To Wellness

Even though I work from home I still feel stress.   Most of my stress is self-imposed and like a lot of entrepreneurs and Type A personalities, I sometimes set too many goals with too many short deadlines.  The result... STRESS!   I am  totally passionate about what I do and at times I forget to take a break, forget to eat and sometimes I forget to breathe.  Literally!  Studies show that we are a nation of non-breathers. We basically don't allow ourselves to breathe properly during stressful times.  Taking a big cleansing breath can do wonders when you are feeling stress.  Here are some tips that you can do right at your desk that will help to relieve your stress and give you a moment of relaxation.
 They really do work and I now use these tips during my work day.

Take a "positive" Break  - Take a  break right there at your desk.  The internet truly does have some wonderful sites that will help you to relax and calm your spirit.  Here is an example of a great website tha…

6 Natural Ways To Releive Sore Muscles, Aches and Pains Day #33 on My Journey To Wellness

Since I have been on my own personal journey to wellness I have increased my workouts.  While this is great I am experiencing a few aches and pains.  I tried quite a few thing to help with my aches and pains and I am sharing the natural remedies that have used that  work the best for me. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you!   Epsom Salts My grandmother swore by Epsom Salts and she was right!  Just a cup or two of Epsom salt dissolved in a nice warm tub of water can sooth your sore and aching muscles.  The water should not be too hot and you should soak for at least 10 to 15 minutes.These salts are made from magnesium sulfate which help the muscles to relax and helps to pull out the excess fluids from the muscle tissue that cause the soreness and the swelling.
Warm ShowerI love to take a warm shower after a great work out.  It truly relaxes the muscles and helps you to relax. Take a warm shower or bath it is great when it comes to helping you release tension especia…

Sleepless and Cranky - 10 Surefire Holistic Ways to Get A Great Night's Sleep - Day #28 On My Journey To Wellness

I promised myself when I started this journey to wellness that I would increase my work life balance. I think I have done that. I promised myself that I would do more varied workouts and I am doing that.  I also promised myself that I would get more than 4 hours of sleep a night..I am still working on that one.  I just can't seem to sleep longer than four hours, yet when I wake up I know I could use at least another hour or so of sleep. So I decided to try a few methods to see what worked the best for me.  I have tried all of these over the last three weeks and all of them have made a difference.  I do have a favorite...lavender!!! I love putting a lavender sachet under my pillow. I always have such a restful sleep.  

Try these other suggestions. Everyone is different and some of these suggestions may work better for you than others.  One thing I know for sure, it is definitely worth trying in order to ensure a restful sleep!

This natural hormone, which is made by the body…