5 Ways To DeStress At Your Desk - Day #38 On My Journey To Wellness

One way I destress at my desk - change locations!

Even though I work from home I still feel stress.   Most of my stress is self-imposed and like a lot of entrepreneurs and Type A personalities, I sometimes set too many goals with too many short deadlines.  The result... STRESS!   I am  totally passionate about what I do and at times I forget to take a break, forget to eat and sometimes I forget to breathe.  Literally!  Studies show that we are a nation of non-breathers. We basically don't allow ourselves to breathe properly during stressful times.  Taking a big cleansing breath can do wonders when you are feeling stress.  Here are some tips that you can do right at your desk that will help to relieve your stress and give you a moment of relaxation.
 They really do work and I now use these tips during my work day.

  • Take a "positive" Break  - Take a  break right there at your desk.  The internet truly does have some wonderful sites that will help you to relax and calm your spirit.  Here is an example of a great website that will help you to destress www.calm.com  I love it! 

  • Soothing Smells - I now keep essentials oils at my desk.  They truly do have a calming effect.  I use a lavender and geranium essential oils  combination.  I just put a drop on a cotton ball or just take a whiff from the bottle and I can immediately feel a sense of calm and relaxation.  I sometimes burn essential oils in a diffuser  or get candles that have a soothing scent (of course your employer may not like the candle thing - use wisdom)  Sniffing a lemon or orange can also be relaxing and invigorating.  In fact eating orange slices give you a bit of energy and it is enjoyable.  Joy is always a stress reliever!

  • Take A Stand  -Studies have shown that if you stand about 15 minutes out of every hour it is good for you physically and emotionally.  It relieves stress to be able to get  up stand, take a few deep breaths, and perhaps stretch.  Instead of siting while talking on the phone, get up and stand.  Walk around your office if you can.  Sitting hour after hour can lead to stress and sometimes other health complications.

  • Go To The Beach - on your computer screen.  I have some beautiful screen savers I found on the internet.  Whenever my screen times out I get to go to the beach, see the ocean, look at a beautiful field of flowers and so on.  It really does help to give you a different perspective. This is just one of many sites where you can get some great screen savers that will take you to the beach!  Here is just one great site for beautiful and relaxing screen savers http://3d-ocean-beaches-screensaver.software.informer.com/

  • Back To Basics - ever sense Palm Pilots came out (remember those?) we have kept to do lists electronically.  While it can be convenient it can cause stress if your computer, Ipad, Smart Phone etc. fails to operate.  I have gone back to actually writing out my to do list.  I no longer stress out if something runs out of juice or gets a virus and I can't pullup my to do list.  Also writing your to do list down helps commit what I need to do to memory. When I take the time to write down my to do's  I find I have  much more focus during the day ultimately less stress. 

  • STOP -  there truly is nothing wrong and taking a break. Take a five minute walk, get some fresh air, stop and take three deep cleansing breaths. Get a glass of water. Walk away from your desk and take a break. 

 For more information about how to destress and achieve more work/life balance go to DeStress The Mess Work/Life Balance Survival Kit
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