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15 ways For Mid-Lifers To Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Flu season is here with a vengeance.  To make matters worse, the flu season always seems to come right around the holiday season.  The extra stress, cold, and general hurried pace don't help those who are trying to ward off the flu.  As a mid-lifer, I feel the need to take extra care of myself and be more aware of the do's and don't when it comes to preventing getting the flu.  

Here are a few suggestions to help prevent the flu.  Some of these tips you may already be doing, but just in case, let's go over a few practices that will help fortify our immune system and keep us healthy.

Rest - even though this is a busy time of the year, rest is more important than standing in the lines at the stores.  Plan your days so that you also allow for a bit more rest.  Learn how to say "no" when you are beginning to feel weary and tired.   As mid-lifers, the holidays usually means visits with the grandchildren and others that you don't normally see.  While this is wond…