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7 Things We Tell Ourselves About Our Anxiety and Stress ...That Aren't Always True

There are myths about anxiety and stress we tell ourselves to get past those constant feelings of anxiousness, worry and stress. Some of these myths are:
“Everyone worries…” “Feeling anxious all the time, is just a part of life.” “Once I get past this challenge/problem, I won’t feel like this any longer.” “This is just the way life is.  Everyone is stressed out.” “There is nothing I can do to change how I am feeling.” “Until all the problems are solved, I am just going to feel anxious.” “It’s not that serious. This too shall pass.”  
In some ways, the above statements could be considered true.  Everyone does worry. Everyone does have stress and most people feel that once they solve all their problems, they will no longer be a victim of stress and anxiety.  
Statistics show: Women are more likely than men (28 percent vs. 20 percent) to report having a great deal of stress (8, 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale).

Almost half of all women (49 percent) surveyed said their stress has increased over the …