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6 Ways To Increase That Important Girlfriend Time In Mid-Life

The last few weeks have been intense for me. I have been very busy, juggling a lot of different things, travel, family, clients, and as a result, my stress levels have increased.  I wasn’t aware of how stressed I really was until last night.  Why? Because, after a long time, I got a chance to meet with my girlfriends in one of our favorite coffee shops. We spent the time laughing, supporting each other, exchanging ideas, sharing our tough moments and our happiest moments.  I felt such a release of stress.  I also felt more energized and engaged than I had in a long time. I realized, once again, how important girlfriend time is to my health and wellbeing.
For that reason, I want to share with you why girlfriend time is so important for all women but specifically mid-life women.
When human beings experience stress, the body triggers a hormonal response to either stand and fight or flee as fast as possible. It is a survival mechanism that helped our ancestors to struggle with dangers. So…

Sleepless in Mid-Life - How To Have A Better Nights Sleep

Last night I couldn't sleep well and I know that I am not the only one because insomnia is very common at the mid-life. Probably, when you cannot sleep you start to feel other emotions too, turning in a vicious circle: the less I can sleep more nervous or worried I am and vice versa. Why does sleeplessness happen in mid-life?  Why doI struggle with getting a good night’s sleep at this stage of my life? I decided it was important to know what is causing the sleeplessness (knowledge is power) so I can begin to understand what changes I need to make. I did some research and here is what I found. Why You Have Insomnia   There are different causes for insomnia but first, I want to talk about the evolutionary reason behind that. When our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they played different roles according to their ages: the younger had more energy and strength. They brought food for all and needed to rest at night but, someone had to be on alert. At that time, there were many hazards th…

Playing to Your Strengths and Reaching Your Full Potential In Mid-Life

On the Wellness Journey Podcast Series - Spice of Life A Seasoned Woman's Guide To Renewing Her Essence, I had the good fortune to be able to interview Gayel Guest- Brown.  Gayle Guest-Brown is the author of Girl Get it Right! an I.M.P.A.C.T. guide to creating the life and work you dream of. She is an Executive Leadership Coach, leadership trainer, and keynote speaker. Gayle is a certified professional coach (CPC), empowering leaders to access their strengths, connect to their values and reach their best strategies through one-on-one confidential and customized leadership coaching. In our interview, we discussed the importance of recognizing our strengths and leveraging them to move us forward to success.  too many time in mid-life women begins to think they don't have as much to offer.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  We have much to offer and our experience is valuable.   Tune while Gayle Guest-Brown and I talk about success in mid-life.  Click here for the sho…

Conquering Your Fears and Moving Past Self-Doubt

About five months ago I was given an opportunity to write a chapter for a collaborative book. My initial reaction was, I didn't have time, I wasn't sure what I would write about, and I was doubtful that I could write a quality chapter that would equal all the other women who participated in the project.

What I found out about myself was a revelation and one that gave me increased confidence to keep moving forward and to uplevel my exposure to new experiences.

I realized that it was time for me to "power up" and start tackling some of my own negative self-talk that had kept me from stretching. The fear of rejection and failure are always out there lurking in our conscious and subconscious mind. But I decided to write a chapter in spite of my fear. As a result, I learned the value of pushing past my fear of failure and rejection and taking a leap of faith. I learned the value of doing "it" with fear ANYWAY.

So, I took the leap of faith and wrote a chapter fo…

Finding Soul Satisfaction and Kick-Butt Success In Mid-Life

I had a wonderful time talking with Dr. Barbara Lowe on "The Wellness Journey Podcast Series". Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist who founded and owns her own practice in Durham, NC (~15 employees) She is also a Board Certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Speaker, Author, and Lay Minister. She is a wife, mother, and step-mother, and has used her training and the wounds of her past to minister professionally and personally to women for many years. Dr. Barbara has created the Hearts Returning Home method for overcoming difficult childhood experiences and messages, to help women move from “where’s the Life I Dreamed Of?” to real soul satisfaction and kick-butt success in life!. She offers blogs, vlogs, podcasts, courses, intensives, and retreats at in order to move women into “Finally, here is the life I dreamed of.” Her goal is to help women finally have a sense of belonging.

Tune in to this great conversation about how to have &quo…

Why Affirmations Are Important in Mid-Life

Lately, I have had a problem with all these negative random thoughts going through my head.  Has that ever happened to you? I have been thinking now that I am the throws of mid-life that I really need to be careful of the negative messaging going on in my head.  After all, I still have many productive years ahead of me and I want to leverage those years by staying positive and motivated to achieve my goals.  Did you know that an average person has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day and of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before? It’s true.  All the more reason for us mid-lifers to learn how to capture our thoughts and reprogram them to be more positive and affirming. 
 Every single person has a self-talk program that it replays over and over again.  This self-talk has a huge influence in all the areas of our life: health, happiness, relationships or wealth.  The programming happens at a subconscious level and most of the time …