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How to Stop That Yo-Yo Weight Gain - A FREE Session That Will Help You Get The Results You Want!

I am excited about a new program that PraiseWorks Health and Wellness supports!!

If you could push a button and get all the way down to the weight you know deep down you'd REALLY like to be at, what would you weigh?
Most people "lie" to themselves when they think about how much weight they'd like to lose. They say “I'd like to lose 15 or 20 pounds.” But, when we get 60 pounds over-weight or more, 20 pounds is barely noticeable (which is one of the reasons why we tend to keep gaining weight - adding another five pounds is hard to notice). BUT... If you'd like to finally get ALLLLLL the way down to your sexiest, most confident weight, once and for all AND... If you'd like to get my personal support to make it happen, then check this out...

For a limited time I'm offering a special "Finally Thin Forever" Coaching Session (a $350 value) for ZERO COST. During this powerful, one-on-one coaching session, we'll work together to…
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5 Steps To Have A Fun and Awesome Spa Day ...At HOME!!!

We all deserve some pampering time!  Going to a beautiful spa for the day or a weekend is always a wonderful experience. don’t necessarily have to go outside your home for that special spa day treatment. You can have a spa day right in your home! Here is what I am planning to do on my next at home spa day.  Enjoy!

First – Love Your Body
Fill your bath with water (the temperature is up to you; I love my water to be a bit over warm) Light candles and diffuse an essential oil (try a mix of Lavender and Roman Chamomile or perhaps Balance)Put in your water Lavender Bath Salts, or perhaps moisturizing oils such as Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, or Organic Coconut Oil.  Exfoliate you skin using a gentle scrub. Get rid of all that dead skin and soon your skin will begin to glowMassage your body. Your arms, feet, legs and calves, waist and back When you get out of the bath AND wrap yourself up in a soft fluffy towel or bathroom
Second – Love Your Face
Wash your skin with your natural cleanserU…

How To Maximize Your Wellness During The Summer - 5 Essential Tips That are Easy and Fun

It Summer!! A great time of the year to get outdoors, enjoy the weather and perhaps make a couple of lifestyle changes for your wellness that you can incorporate throughout the year.  Below are a few wellness essentials to help you stay well and thrive throughout the summer and beyond.

Hydration- we all know that it is important to stay hydrated during the summer months. To put a little kick in your water try adding lemon, cucumber and mint. It is great to quench your thirst but also helps to adjust your alkaline levels, helps to detox the liver and also helps with cravings.Try at least 6 to 8 8 oz glasses of water a day to help stay hydrated and to flush out toxins

Sun Screen – All of us need to be using sun screen.The rays of the sun are much more dangerous than they were even 10 years ago and we must protect our skin from skin cancer and other complications that can arise from sun exposure.Try this homemade recipe for sun screen.It is organic, no chemicals and it does protect your …

Want to Minimize Symptoms of Menopause- Try Adding These Foods To Your Diet

Eating certain foods will definitely help to minimize menopausal symptoms.
I can always tell when I am not eating enough of the foods I should eat to get me through my symptoms of menopause.  I immediately see an increase in all my symptoms. Once I start eating the right foods again I start to feel better and more importantly my symptoms decrease.   In this video I share with you some of the foods you should definitely eat when it comes to helping you through menopause. Of course, everyone is different , but I found that the foods I talk about in my video are also recommended by Holistic Doctors and Medical Doctors.   For recipes using these foods go to my website at and get for FREE "Eating The Rainbow"  cookbook.  (For  more videos on mind, body,spirit wellness for women over 40 go click here)
Add These Foods To Your Diet & Minimize the Symptoms of Menopause

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