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Battle of The Mid-Life Belly- Holistic Strategy To Win The War

It seems that I literally woke up one morning and my nice flat stomach had this...bulge.  A bit of extra skin that was spongy and not flattering.  Where the heck did this come from, I thought. I exercise every day, I eat healthily, I do my core exercises...why is this happening.

There are many reasons why we might get belly fat.  Some of the obvious reasons for overeating, not working out, not drinking enough of the right liquids and stress.  While that belly fat seems to get more comfortable in staying with us as we age.  There are things you can do to "beat the battle of  the belly fat:"

I decided to take a mind, body and spirit approach to beating my "fat belly".  Why?  Because belly fat increases when we are stressed, it also increases when we don't exercise, and when we aren't feeling our bodies properly.

Here are some holistic suggestions to fight what we used to call the "mid-drift bulge"

Decrease the Stress - As we age decreasing stress is…

7 Benefits of Turmeric for A Thriving and Well Mid Life

I have started using Turmeric and I love it.  It has some wonderful medicinal qualities, especially for women in midlife. 

Turmeric has a component in it called Curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant that can fight colon cancer, prevent cystic fibrosis, and help with the aging process.

It seems that every day I find out something beneficial about using spices and herbs to help improve my health and overall wellness.  Using Turmeric as a part of my daily regime is changing my life for the better. 

Turmeric should be essential for your mid-life strategy for full life living.

Turmeric can help with: 

Feeling Emotionally Better - Turmeric can help with depression, anxiety and stress and overall mood swings.  It is a great alternative to taking Prozak or some other kind of medication.  Fighting Your Fat - Turmeric can help with revving up your metabolism to burn calories and can result in weight loss. Freeing You from Inflammation - Turmeric helps significantly with inflammation that cau…