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How to Increase Your Energy -Avoid the Mid-Day Energy Slump!

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Do you ever have the mid-day energy slump? The time of day where your energy just begins to slowly leave your body and all you want to do is sleep? What is happening is your blood sugar is down and you need a quick up to replenish you energy in a healthy way -without drinking a cup of coffee or some other energy drink. The recipes below will do just that - replenish your blood sugar, reboot your system and give you an extra boost of brain power.
Energy Green Tea Mango Smoothie Ingredients
bag tea, green 1/2 cup(s) yogurt, fat free, Greek-style, vanilla1 cup(s) mango (es), chunks (or frozen)handful of spinach 1T Flax seed
1. Brew the tea bag in 4-ounces of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the tea bag and let the tea cool to room temperature. 2. In a blender combine the brewed tea, yogurt, mango, and 3-to-5 ice cubes, and Great for your heart health,, bone health, eye health, arthritis, Celiac Disease, memory, mood, hair, …

Holiday Season Affirmations - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

To all of our PraiseWorks Supporters -  A  Special Gift of  Holiday Season Affirmations  
In the hustle and bustle that accompanies this time of the year, may you stop, breathe deeply, and ingest the spirit of the season. This is a season when light fills hearts and we recall that there is meaning and purpose in our lives. We experience the importance of the interior journey and how it connects us to and transforms the world around us.

We remember that giving, without expectation, is the doorway to receiving beyond expectation. Mostly, though, we remember that hope conquers every doubt, illuminates every shadow, and heals every wound, if you are willing to let it work through you.

Affirmations when repeated with deep concentration can change your mind unconsciously.  Take a moment each day and find a still and quite place and just be. Focus on one of the affirmations below. When we speak them with concentration, affirmation have an immense power.  It is a wonderful gift, th…

Morning Exercise - How I Got Started and How You Can Too!

photo credit - Womens Fitness Magazine Following a daily exercise program in the morning can seem to be to much to add to your schedule.  BUT exercising in the morning  increases your chances of achieving your fitness goals.  I have found that exercising in the morning is not only energizing but that during the course of the day I feel better. I actually have MORE energy!! I have a plan that I do every morning.  It was tough at first and sometimes I fall off the old routine but I always go back.  I just feel better with that extra "umph!" in the morning! 
Here are some guidelines that I follow. They helped me put together an exercise program that really works for me.  Give it some thought and do what is best for you! These are guidelines not law.  The main thing is go for a morning routine to get the best benefits for health and wellness! Step 1Schedule your daily exercise. Choose a time that's unlikely to be interrupted by other demands. For example, schedule exercise befo…

How to Have a Stress Free Holiday - Just Say "No" It's OKAY ...

photo credit 1. Say No to Parties That You Don't Want to Attend continued... "Your plan may be to take a bubble bath because you're stressed out. Or you're renting a movie and having hot cocoa with your family," Breitman says. "No one has to know what your commitment is."
If the other person insists on knowing why you can't come, the burden of prying will be on him, Breitman writes in her book. Don't fall into the trap of coming up with new and creative excuses, she says. Instead, paraphrase yourself: "I won't be able to come" or "I already have something on my calendar."
Don't lie and make up an excuse, Skelton says. "You don't want to hurt someone's feelings, so you come up with anything, but later, it might come back to bite you." In other words, you'll feel embarrassed if you're caught, and you'll damage the relationship, too. If you receive an invitation from someon…