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It's National Women's Health Week- Are You Healthy?

This week is National Women's Health Week. During this special week I will be writing and talking about a lot of topics covering Women's overall health and wellness.

To put it bluntly Women in the United States are suffering from an overall decline in health.

According to the National Women's Law Center Health Care Report,in 2010, not one state received an overall “Satisfactory” grade for women’s health and just two states received the next highest grade of “Satisfactory minus”—Vermont and Massachusetts—a decline from the 2007 edition of the Report Card, when three states received this.

The United States has failed to meet most goals for women’s health—largely federal objectives drawn from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2010 agenda. Overall, the nation is so far from meeting these goals that it receives an overall grade of “Unsatisfactory.”

In March 2010, President Obama signed health care legislation—the Patient Protect…

Depression - what is it? Do you have the signs? If so where can you get help?

The Month of May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness
Last year I interviewed Carol Kivler author of "Courageous Recovery". For many years she suffered from severe depression and medication did not seem to help. She finally turned to ECT commonly known as "shock therapy". Unlike what we may see in the movies, ECT is not a barbaric or unorthodox treatment. It is a treatment that for many has saved their lives and improved the overall quality of their lives.

I am not advocating any particular treatment for Depression. As an holistic advocate for health and wellness, I would much rather see this condition treated holistically. But what is most important is those who have Depression get help and treatment. I just had a dear friend who attempted suicide because her Depression had gone untreated. If her Depression had been diagnosed and treated she would not be in a hospital bed right now.

Here are a few facts you should know about depression and …

How is your exercise program? Need a change? Try these suggestions...

Wonderful article by our guest blogger Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, MD - Author, Speaker, Holistic doctor, LifeBalance & Fullfillment Coach

Dance classes – Dance classes are a great way to bring fun into a small, medium or large group and burn significant calories. Genres like hip hop, modern, pole dance, bellydance , and even ballroom styles bring the attitude and intention to movement.As well, you don’t have to always go to a studio to take classes. If you find it difficult to find a studio, consider hiring an instructor to come into your home and hold semi-privates with a group.  It is just as fun and effective and in fact more intimate.Yoga/Pilates  - If you are looking for a low impact workout, yoga and pilates are for your. Don’t mistake the low impact for low intensity, depending on the style of yoga and pilates your choose, it can be quite a workout.  Particularly with yoga, vinyasa or movement style yogas tend to keep the body moving and the calories …

About to Fly - Poem by Luella Hill-Dudley

Every once and awhile I find someone who I think is so talented that I want to champion them.  Luella Hill-Dudley is such a person. Her poems are full of inspiration, hope, love and faith through adversity. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did. 

There are times that some people might try to clip your wings but it is almost Spring There are times people you believed in will throw stones at you cloud and trouble your spirit There times cruel words are spoken but as a woman of God with a heart of an angel the innocent of a child my spirit rush back into me and said it is time to soar now stretch out your arms like an eagle as you lean back trust God and know that God  got this and the next one after that Yes I will always believe that something mighty wonderful is about to happen Is my claim today Strong enough to not shed another tear drop stop listening to other people crap it time to do some spring cleaning in my life so people can not hurt me with the words  that sharp like a knife while God wi…

Stress Driving You CRAZY?!! Try these tips!

We are always in search of ways to reduce our stress. Of course one big way is to change the pace of our lives in general. But I realize that most of us do not have that luxury. So what to do, what to do...

I have good news! There is a lot  you can do.  Amazingly, food can make a big difference in how we regulate the impact of stress on our bodies and our everyday lives. Try eating some of the foods and other suggestions from the list below to reduce your stress and to ultimately feel better.

Oatmeal - not only is eating oatmeal a great way to start the day but it is also a great way to boost serotonin (chemical in the brain that promotes a calming feeling) Oatmeal also helps to stabilize the blood sugar and reduce cortisol ( chemical in the brain that increases the physical symptoms of stress)Oranges - yes full of vitamin C this you already know BUT did you know that Vitamin C is known to be a good stress reducer? Studies have shown that taking Vitamin C before you do a stressful tas…