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It's Not Your Imagination - Males Do Have Menopause! It's Called Andropause

Yes, men do go through Andropause! Many women joke about it and sometimes men allude to it but the reality is Andropause,sometimes known as male menopause does exsist. Below is an article from that covers the history and symptoms. If you suspect you or a loved one might be going through Andropause please consult your physician or your holistic practitioner.

The Facts: Andropause, also known as the male menopause or MANopause, is the result of a gradual drop in testosterone which is an androgen, giving the condition its name. In many cases, bioidentical hormones can be part of the solution. When men get into their early 30s, they begin losing testosterone at a rate of one to two percent a year. According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 4-5 million men have symptoms of low testosterone levels and only 5-10% of these men will seek treatment.

A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report analyzed male hormones and found that the testosterone levels in most …

Are You or a Loved on Dealing with Depression and Anxiety - There is Hope and Help!

I recently interviewed Carol Kivler author of "Courageous Recovery". For many years she suffered from severe depression and medication did not seem to help. She finally turned to ECT commonly known as "shock therapy". Unlike what we may see in the movies, ECT is not a barbaric or unorthodox treatment. It is a treatment that for many has saved their lives and improved the overall quality of their lives.

I am not advocating any particular treatment for Depression. As an holistic advocate for health and wellness, I would much rather see this condition treated holistically. But what is most important is those who have Depression get help and treatment. I just had a dear friend who attempted suicide because her Depression had gone untreated. If her Depression had been diagnosed and treated she would not be in a hospital bed right now.

Here are a few facts you should know about depression and how it impacts your health and wellness:

What causes depression?


Is Tea Really Good For Your Health and Wellness?

Where does tea come from?
Tea leaves come from the Camellia sinensis plant. They contain antioxidants that counter free radicals, which can damage cells. Antioxidants may reduce or help prevent some of this damage
What is the difference between green, black and oolong tea?
The difference between the three main varieties of tea (green, black, and oolong) is the process used to make them. Black tea is exposed to air, or fermented, which darkens the leaves and gives them flavor. Green tea is made by heating or quickly steaming the leaves. Oolong tea leaves are partially fermented.
Does tea prevent cancer?
There’s no hard evidence that drinking tea can prevent cancer in people in general; many factors affect cancer risk. However, several studies have linked drinking tea to a lower risk of cancer for some people. More research is needed to define those groups.
Is green tea good for your heart?
Some studies show that drinking green tea may help curb a few heart disease risk factors, including b…

How To Treat Hormonal Imbalances Naturally

As we age we all begin to take notice of some changes in our bodies that appear to have no real explanation. Perhaps because the changes begin slowly and overtime. Here are a few that may have happened to you over a period of time:

*unexplained water gain
*short term memory loss
*lack of focus
*night sweats
*body temperature fluctuation
*a decrease of sexual desire
*hair loss
*mood swings

These are just a few of the symptoms that come along with the beginning of perio- menopause or full fledged menopause. All women hear about these dreaded symptoms but they don't always hear what they can do about them. There are some techniques that you can try at home that might give you some relief. I have tried some of these and they have helped. As always consult with your Doctor when you feel you need to. Below are some tips that can be quite helpful.

How is your adrenal health?
: If you have been blessed to live an easy, slow paced and stress free live, yo…