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10 Ways to Get Motivated and Inspired for 2014!

My wish for you ...enjoy the journey! Get motivated and inspired!
Over the years I have tried just about everything to keep myself motivated and inspired. Building the business of my dreams hasn't always been easy. There have been times when I have been beside myself with frustration, negativity and a lack of motivation.  As the years have gone by I have landed on 10 ways for me to get back on track full of inspiration, motivation,energy and ultimately health and wellness.

These tips have worked for me...hopefully they will work for you too!

Get Grateful - I write in my gratitude journal every day. Why? Because I need to remind myself that I have much for which to be grateful.  Sometimes when the well seems dry of "grateful" sentiments I go back to the basics. You know what I mean, grateful for the water, the sunshine, the air ...that kind of thing.  Though it might sound simplistic, I have found that gratitude journaling and making a list of things I am grateful for rem…

Move It! Moving Your Body To Health and Wellness - Start Today!

It's Never Too Late!!!  goggle images

Have you ever hear that story the famous motivational speaker the late Zig Ziglar used to tell?  He said that we all have a tendency to  procrastinate and say "Well I will do it when I get 'a round to it' ".  Zig Ziglar's response is "Okay, great!  Where can I find 'a round to it' so you will go ahead and do what you need to do today?" Of course the reality is there is no such thing as a 'a round to it'!  It doesn't exist.   I always think about that story whenever I procrastinate and rationalize not doing something because I plan to get "a round to it"!

When it comes to moving my body I can find all kinds of excuses to put it off.  Here are my top five reasons not to exercise...AND my top five responses I remind myself of every time!

The Breakfast of Champions - Moving Forward In 2014 Putting Your Health and Wellness First

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How many of you have run out the door in the morning with a cup of coffee and maybe a piece of toast or a doughnut?  This quick breakfast might taste good, might wave hunger and even might give you a bit of energy BUT it isn't the best suggestion for your overall wellness.   Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism, sustain your energy, reduce your cravings, and will help you feel better throughout the day.

Here are some great ideas that are quick and will get your day started out right!

Relationships and Wellness - Where is Mr. Right? Will You Find Him In 2014?

About two weeks ago I interviewed an interesting person - Relationship Expert, Stephan Labossiere,. One of the key things I learned in our conversation is how important it is for all of us to pursue wellness not just in our bodies but also in our relationships.

Over the years I have met  many successful Women who seem to have it all together. of the ongoing themes is they can't seem to find the right guy..."Mr.Right".  Many of them have settled for Mr. "All Right". Given that, will settling for  "Mr. All Right"  move you toward emotional wellness?  Is it worth our overall health and wellness to wait for the right relationship?

Listen to what Stephan Labossiere, Relationship Coach has to say...

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