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How to Beat the "I don't have time" Excuse and Other Excuses That Keep You From Working Out

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I have been working out  doing my newest routine  for three weeks now. Lately, I have found all kinds of reasons why I can't workout. Each time I have had to go through some steps to keep myself motivated. I have had to "re-sell" myself on why I am working out.  Of course as a Health and Wellness coach I know all the good reasons why I should work out, but there are days when I just don't want to workout.  There are at least 5 main objections I have to overcome from time to time.

"I don't have enough time"
True. Time is a factor. So rather than working out a full thirty minutes at a time. What if I break my workout up in 10 minute increments? According the American Fitness Council it is perfectly acceptable to break up your workout.  Your body will get the same benefits and it is definitely better than not working out at all.

" I'm too sore"
True. Soreness can be a real pain in the butt. But di…

Week Two- Slim Down Butts,Hips and Thighs Challenge - Check It Out!!


Six Tips To Help You Curb Your Carb Cravings!

give into your cravings the healthy way  If you follow the six rules below you can avoid mindless eating and curb caloric intake.When it’s snack time, measure out a serving size from the package and put the package away.  When at work, in a restaurant or another’s home stay away from bowls of candy and snacks like chips and pretzels. Brush your teeth after you eat dinner to tell your brain that you’re done eating.  During the day you can chew a sugarless mint or gum to remind yourself that you are finished eating.At the end of the day, close down the kitchen, turn off the lights, and put all food away.  Keeping a tidy kitchen (food is out of sight, except a bowl of fresh fruit) follows the rule out of sight out of mind.Fight boredom, which encourages snacking, by taking a walk, doing a puzzle, Sudoku or playing a game with a family member. When watching TV, lift hand weights or stretch during TV commercials, especially the ones about food.  Read a good book, but sip at a bottl…

One Day Can Change Everything

This morning I was tired. Tired of pushing myself to workout, tired of making sure I ate the right thing, took the right supplements, make sure I had my "quite" time, my journaling time...just plain tired.  Ever have a morning like that?  I was just in a "bad, poor me" mood.

As I went through the motions of my morning, setting my day, trying to shift my attitude I heard a distinct voice that said "One day can change everything".  Now what was that supposed to mean?  I thought to myself "you are going to have to make what you are trying to tell me plainer than that statement". Again, the voice, "One day can change everything".  I stopped and allowed myself to reflect on what God was telling me.  Once I stopped focusing on my "tired and bad poor me mood" I understood.   We never know when that one day may be the day where everything can be changed for the good. That one day when you make the goal, complete the project, receive…

Smile Through The Trail,Push To Success AND Stop Bein' A Mess

Well I have just finished my workout for today!  I was hit with that saying "no pain, no gain".  I guess that is true but for me it just causes me to focus on the "pain"  only. So I have changed my way of thinking when it comes to getting back into shape and meeting my fitness goals. 


That's right.  I am talking to all of us who have made some kind of fitness goal and as soon as it gets a bit tough we want to quit!  Quitting is always an option but it is an option that will NOT help us meet our fitness goals. Let's choose to look at our option and decision to get in shape as:
positive worth doing improving the overall quality of our life life affirming wellness for our mind, body and spirit. After my workout today, I have to tell you I felt such a since of accomplishment and well being. Those endorphins started going and all of a sudden this smile came to my spirit. That …

Slimming Down Butts,Thighs and Hips - Ready? Let's Do This!

I can't believe it is already August!!! Where has the time gone?  As the saying goes "time waits for no one" and that is definitely true for me.  

The last two months I have been traveling through the East Coast of this great country. I have visited the Nation's Capitol, gone to Disney World, seen the beautiful beaches of Clearwater, Florida, and spent time in wonderful cites such as Atlanta and Baltimore. AND I have been feeding my face!!  That is right Miss Health and Wellness got off the beaten path and the last three weeks of my traveling was spent indulging. Seriously indulging....cookies, ice cream, late night raids of the refrigerator...I was really bad. BUT no more.  I am ready to make some changes and loose this...flab. 

This is me in the backyard - about 7lbs over my limit and the inches....I can't EVEN talk about it!!
So today is the first day of many days that I will be blogging about my progress.  As of August 1st I am meeting my own challenge - Slimmin…